Service meeting topic: Masturbation

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  • 00DAD

    Yes, Billy, and to borrow a term from the banking industry: There's a substantial penalty in interest for early withdrawal!

  • Nambo

    Actually oodad, I think this should be covered in the service meeting.

    I got as far as Baptism before I realised I was unworthy to be a Jehovahs Witness and that Jehovah wanted me dead, followed by a number of wasted years of guilty misery.

    Would have been far more honest and Christian like if the two sisters who knocked on my door, instead of showing me the Paradise booklet and asking if I would like to live there, should have had a presentation such as:-

    "Hello, we see you are a single young man who must be constantly horny unless you fire off a few rounds, so we were wondering if you would like to join our religion where you are not ever allowed to masturbate"?

    (Me) "er, no thanks, I think I had better pass on that"

    Sisters, (one of who was rather nice indeed), well perhaps you would like to read our magazines, this one has a wonderfull article about masturbation, oh, and theres a bit about Jesus as well."

    Maybe its all a deliberate plot by the Watchtower, the guiltier we feel, the more we will go on the field service to try and make up for it.?


  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Jam>>>You have a PM.

  • jam

    Superman: the Brother in his 80,s. I had just started to attend

    the meetings (1970). When I heard that I thought, man this

    group is tough on sins. Before the correction was made, my stupid

    self was thinking, WOW I can,t lay with her, but can I watch.

    To much control...

  • Finkelstein

    I wonder how many of the GB members masturbated in their young teen years before they were married ?

    Probable answer = all of them

    In light of this probable answer .........

  • Glander

    Allright already with all the double entendres.

    Come on guys, get ahold of yourselves!

  • Quarterback

    I must have missed this part....I don't remember it. But, I missed alot of meetings this summer.

    I remember a Dr Oz show that was in favored of masturbation.

    I think it is ok to Bait, but to become a Master at it is wrong.

  • Finkelstein

    What the WTS. should be warning people about is this ......

  • cedars

    I suppose there should be no surprise that this type of talk should be given on a service meeting. I can remember a good number of service meeting talks where we were reminded about "exerting ourselves vigorously".


  • Dark Fader
    Dark Fader

    Always creeped me out when they drolled on about masturbation and the circumcision thing. Penis envy perhaps?!

    Why couldn’t we spend as much time talking about petting? I pride myself on figuring out petting wasn’t like patting a dog on the head! All it did was make me want to go out and pet all the lovely young sisters I daydreamed about!

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