WT and the Illuminati - truth or fiction?

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  • whathehadas

    here a interesting look at a recent entertainment event. The breakdown of a illuminati/mason connection


  • tornapart
  • fakesmile

    interesting post on the VMAs. a few comments. when did any of these so called stars ever not suck? remember this is ENTERTAINMENT to some ppl. who or where? dont know or care. and conspircies are the in thing, ill wager that a majority of viewers are conspiricist looking for a reason to make a new youtube video. i have no use for old ppl who play dressup and belong to a club. remember being a kid, "this is my treehouse ur not allowed", mentality. and i dont fear "demons" "spiritism" anymore either.

    having said that i do worry about ppl.who make policy and laws that affects us being in the same club. one where they hook each other up for favors. here is my theory. they only hook one another up because everyone has damninig info on everyone else. social blackmail

  • Prognoser

    bohm, was Kennedy lying in this speech? Conspiracies, secret societies? Seems Kennedy was a "conspiracy theorist" too, not unlike Nixon. Seems the presidents had a pretty good insight into what was really going on.


  • bohm

    prognoser: I never said kennedy was lying in that speech, you shouldnt put words into my mouth like that.

    But no, i dont think kennedy was lying. What is the point to the question? because unless the author cut out the part where kennedy goes on a rant about the illuminati, i dont exactly see why its important for this thread?

  • Prognoser

    Bohm, you had expressed concern over a false quote attributed to Kennedy. Although it was a false quote, there was truth to it, as can be demonstrated by Kennedy's above speech. That raises the question. How many other false quotes, concepts are based in truth? I guess all I am saying is don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    I don't believe the following is a false quote:

    "The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." J. Edgar Hoover

  • tornapart

    I found this quite interesting, that President George Washington recognised that the illuminati existed. Why would anyone think that it has gone away?


  • bohm

    prognoser: I rest my case for how shitty conspiracy scholarship is: A quote which is a lie can first be passed off as evidence, and then when it is shown to be false, "still has truth to it".

    You could argue Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter this way. Firstly, claim Abraham lincoln said:

    "Im f#cking gonna kill all the vampires in South Carolina by driving a pole through their hearts, yiiiiihaaaaaaa!!! ---Abraham Lincoln, 28 minutes before he was shot by a vampire."

    And then later on you just go: "well, sure its a lie, but it also has a lot of truth to it! Old abe didnt like the south, and there are vampires! just look at the rest of my shitty evidence!"

    and round and round it goes.

    Lets just assume the quote is correct, then we have Hoover --who we all know was a man of the people and didnt run the FBI like his own private gestappo-- talking about a conspiracy. Well what could that just be? can any of us come up with some enemy of the USA, for instance one which hoover saw as such a great threat he launched a spying operation on just about anyone because they could be part of the conspiracy? just who could that be?

  • bohm

    tornapart: before we jump back in time, was the quote by JFK you posted before a lie or not?

  • Prognoser

    Whatthehadas, Vigilant Citizen is a good site. It is dedicated to exposing Illuminati symbolism in the entertainment and sporting industries.

    There are two really good video series on Youtube exposing this. One is called "The Industry"—some 78 parts or so—and "Wake Up".

    Wake Up Part 40, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbMcYoPqMF4&list=UUe9cdc2mYuGLssO7RhCSHdw&index=10

    The Industry - Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Mkemhw1T04

    I started at the Sharon Tate Illuminati sacrifice, part 74


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