WT and the Illuminati - truth or fiction?

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  • iamwhoiam

    Here is how anyone can be an "Illuminati".

    1st, remember that like "Anonymous", there is no membership, only recognition of your actions. If you want to be "Anonymous", then you are "Anonymous".

    If you want to be "Illuminati" (an enlightened one), there is no membership, only recognition of your actions. If you want to be "Illuminati", then you are "Illuminati". Like "Anonymous", it's just a word.

    What actions make you an "Illuminati"? You have to recognize that people en masse are stupid (deluded). They easily fall pray to things like get rich quick schemes, conspirosy theories, super-natural events, etc. "Illuminists" know this and can use this information to bend people to thier will (e.g. propaganda). It works. If you make your living off the delusions of others (e.g. politics, religion, etc.), then consider yourself "Illuminati".

    With your new "Illuminati" know-how, start a Fraternity (College Allumni Frat, Business Frat, etc.). You now have a good ol boys network of "Illuminati" who work together.

    Now that you have an "Illuminati" group, it will make for a good piece of Gossip/Conspiracy Theory/ that "Non-Illuminati" can use to blame all thier problems on.

    There is a reason why the authors that you quote (e.g. Maars), is in the section its in at the book store.

    Also, remember that signs and symbols are just that...signs and symbols...brands. They are hashed and rehashed over and over again by different people and groups over many years.



    Of course, all of this is just my opinion, and as such is open to suspect and scrutiny...which I always welcome.

  • GrandmaJones

    Hey guys, sounds like a lot of "woo" to me.

  • Nambo

    I think its a bit suspitious the way the Watchtower claim to read everything published, to really keep "Awake" and on the watch to be ready for Jesus second coming, so how come they never mention the "New World Order"?

    Surely this is the Bibical fullfillment of Revelation they have been waiting for, yet have you ever heard them mention it?

    Every spotty oink in the world knows about this now, and Iam not talking about Christians, they dont even try to hide it in the news anymore, but do the Witnesses ever mention it?

    And if not, why not?

  • sabastious

    ARCHONS! IT WAS THE ARCHONS! That changed original Starcraft multiplayer forever.


  • mP

    I never liked Archon on the c64.

  • Prognoser

    Exactly, Nambo. The Watchtower's complete silence on the matter of the New World Order gives credence to those who claim the Watchtower is part of the New World Order, doesn't it?

  • Nambo

    Too right, its something I really cannot understand, theres a Witness cleaner at work, well two actually, one saw me reading the Bible and said, "are you a Brother", I explained the situation and now he does a sort of half grin when he sees me but wont actually say hello, I allways say hello to him, I know he would like to back but that he feelss he shouldnt, the other guy though will sit and listen to all my Apostate reasonings.

    So, this second guy, I told him all about the NWO and showed him newspaper clippings I carry around to prove my point, I asked him to let me know if the society ever mention this fullfillment of Bible prophesy but they never do.

    I wonder if I should write to the Watchtower, trouble is they would send some heavies around to my house.

  • Nambo


    Well, according to the fellow in the above link, the Rothschilds have infilltrated the Mormans.

    Our man Russell used to write to the Rothschilds back in the Zions Watchtower day, though I dont know if he got much response.

  • Prognoser

    Nambo, perhaps the Rothschild had a hand in creating the LDS church, not to mention Russell and the IBSA. Cyrus Scofield, who promulgated the cult known as Christian Zionism, was directly helped and financed by Rothschild types, like Samuel Untermeyer.

    Or look at Calvary Chapel personality Chuck Missler and his ties to Freemasonry, the Council for National Policy, and the Mossad. Have you seen John Todd's warning of Jesus Rock and the Charismatic Movement? He said as a high-ranking witch within the Illuminati power structure, he personally handed cheques to these so-called Christian groups. He singled out Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith.


    Check these out. Seems Todd wasn't making this stuff up

    Calvary chapel freemasonry

    And Chuck Missler's ministry:

    Chuck MIssler Freemasonry

  • mP

    Prog: so what if the Rothschilds created the LDS, there are thousands of christian churches, its not a big deal.

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