The title of this forum should be changed to Judas' to accurately reflect it's makeup.

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  • minimus

    The Watchtower's HISTORY is damning.

    The representatives Jehovah used to express prophecies, decrees and thoughts HISTORICALLY were accurate. If God used a person in his name to speak for him, they never screwed up and said, "oops, must've have heard it wrong or got a bad translation from heaven".

    The history of the Watchtower and their Watchmen ain't too pretty.

  • palmtree67
    Lol.... How can you all take this seriously....?

    Because Bane became Botswana on here.

  • james_woods

    It was troll from post one and is still troll. We are wasting posts and time here.

  • undercover

    The representatives Jehovah used to express prophecies, decrees and thoughts HISTORICALLY were accurate.

    According to ancient myths and fables, you mean...

  • cedars


    I take it the troll clock has started then?


  • minimus

    Undercover, oh faithless one!

  • dreamgolfer

    HE didn't intend to respond back, he just wants to stir it all up.

    I really can't read it all but I hope you all gave him a GREAT KEYBOARD LASHING

    What a "L" oser

    and BTW "Judas" (as he used in his title) was only doing what HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO! if he didn't JESUS may NOT HAVE DIED at all.

    (if you believe the folklore)

  • james_woods

    Cedars!!! I have neglected to start the troll clock.

    I will do so now: 3:15 pm Central Standard Time, 8/14/2012.

    It is probably superfluous because this one was so obviously troll from post one, but troll clock is ticking away.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "Any rookie can... "research" whatever they want to create whatever "truth" they like. People ... have ... a couple books on Babylon and examined some scratches on rocks and now all of a sudden they're experts on ancient astrology."

    You are so right in your description of the writings of Russell, Rutherford, and Franz. They created their own "truth" about 607 and 1914 based on numerology and pyramidology.


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Hi Theo

    You really need to warn your fellow brothers and sisters against looking at this site. Next time you give a talk at the KH be sure to mention how bad the site is and none of them should ever log on to it. You should also warn them against an equally evil site, its called:-

    Perhaps you should check out the site first though!

    George (Still in (trapped), excellent standing in congreagtion, approaching three score and ten)

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