The title of this forum should be changed to Judas' to accurately reflect it's makeup.

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  • Twitch

    To the OP,

    Eh, whatever. We like it here. If you don't, well, too bad for you.

  • james_woods
    james_woods, in the interests of transparency, could you please clarify the criteria for establishing non-troll status? I have a feeling in my loins that Theocratic Sedition has forsaken the path to trolldom after his last post.

    Actually, the Troll Clock Keeper evaluates each case on it's own particular merits.

    I would say in this case - it would involve at least denouncing the "petty reaction to the UN status" statement.

    However, once the Troll Clock has started, I have only seen it end in two ways: (thus far) -

    1) - the Troll goes away voluntarily.

    2) - the Troll goes away by way of the Simon-boot.

  • diamondiiz

    Stupid dub, first of all, Russell thanks to Nelson Barbour came up with 536BC as destruction of Babylon by Cyrus, which ended up creating 606BC as your magic number for calculating 1914 as end of Gentile Times which meant end of this system of things!

    1874 was the arrival of Christ which watchtower heralded throughout the earth as a fact until officially changed in 1943! When Watchtower did changed 1874 to 1914 somehow 536BC was no longer fall of Babylon to Cyrus BUT it was 539BC and yet the calculation of Gentile times still sticks!!! LOL

    Now, why don't you look at your BS articles from Oct and Nov of 2011 public edition of Watchtower and explain to us why watchtower is dishonestly misquoting their sources throughout these articles making it appear as if 586/7BC is not an established fact and as if the authors of the quotes mentioned aren't definite of 586/7BC.

    Get your head out of your ass and do some real honest research instead coming here spewing you vomit. We no longer feast on watchtower vomit, we no longer slave for the cult that is abhorrent and vile organization that has killed thousands of ignorant witnesses destroyed thousands of families and deceits it's recruits through ignorant witness population that don't have a fucking clue about their own religion they profess to be the truth.

    Then edumacate us about where the arguments for 587 BCE are erroneous,

    Theocratic Sedition. Start a new thread. I'm all ears....AnnOmaly

    Don`t get the Smart Women started..

    They`ll toss you in a Pot and..

    Cook you for Dinner..

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • minimus

    HAHA The Simon Boot!

  • cedars


    However, once the Troll Clock has started, I have only seen it end in two ways: (thus far) -

    1) - the Troll goes away voluntarily.

    2) - the Troll goes away by way of the Simon-boot.

    So we can state categorically that a troll has never shed its trollness and seen the light on this forum, over all the years?

    A troll who claims he is willing to read and examine the voluminous responses to his claims doesn't sound very troll-like to me. I suppose only time will tell.


  • james_woods

    They can (and often do) claim falsely, Cedars.

    Do you not play much poker over there in the UK?

    Troll Clock still runs until positive evidence is available. "Promising to read" is not evidence.

    Evidence is evidence.

  • bigmac

    i dont hate jehovah

    or father christmas---or batman--or superman---or the jolly green giant.

    i just dont believe they are real----thats all.

    but SPARLOCK IS !!

  • sabastious
    What good stuff? This place is a spirtual wasteland.

    The Watchtower practically teaches that they have a copyright on the term "spiritual" as you seem currently unaware of at the moment. In reality this forum is an oasis in a vast desert. People come here, like you, who are toiling and loaded down. You may not know it yet, but you carry a strong weight at your ankles. For instance you praise the Watchtower's claim that Jerusalem fell in 607 bce which cannot be historically verified. If you check out the Egibi family records you can see that there is strong evidence that it fell in 587/586. If you are to believe the Watchtower you are asserting that they have some sort of means of finding truth that no one else does. You are saying that revelation that was given to them supersedes the archaeological record. When in fact both the scientific community and the Watchtower acknowledge the pivotal date of 539 bce. So the Watchtower wants to use archaeological evidence to support their 1914 chronology only when the data supports that conclusion. That, my friend, is the product of a spiritual wasteland if there are such things.

    I found it somewhat intriguing at first. I guess you could say initially shocked at the gaul of you God haters.

    There are very few actual God haters on this forum. There are many who do not see enough reason to believe in a God and see all gods that have been presented to them as false and reprehensible. Even though the Watchtower will tell you to, these are not people you should run from. In fact you should accept these godless people as your valid and legitimate contemporaries and seek to enlighten them and learn from them. Running will only limit your ministry which you believe to be a commission from Christ do you not? Why would you only limit yourslef to people who believe in God? Surely from where you stand the most spritually sick people in the world are the ones that show disdain for the very idea of God. They need compassion and understanding, not judgment and expelation from fellowship.

    Like get a load of these disgruntled apostates deluding themselves into thinking they've procured truth outside of the truth.

    Like I said people are here to be refreshed because of existing in a desert like existence for very long. This place offers a unique refreshment that cannot be found within the confines of the Society and their Kingdom Halls. Your assumption that we are all merely disgruntled deconverts is just that, an assumption based off of propaganda from the Watchtower. You clearly have not been here long enough to develop such a strong opinion so clearly that opinion is coming from some source other than yourself.

    Yeah that's how I felt until it dawned on me that fantasy is all you people have left. I guess that's the results of the internet.

    This is an international forum with thousands of members who share intimacies about their lives. This dawning you speak of, you should not put very much weight into it. What you should put weight into is the 4.3 million posts on this forum and counting. You should have some respect for what others have put together. What if one of us came into a Kingdom Hall and started raising our hands and speaking about YOUR fantasy? Even if it were the honest truth, it would still be a rude thing to do. Even a brainwashed group should be given the basic respect of human beings who have made a choice to be in that room. People have a choice to be here and it's really out of place of you to judge us across the board. Rightfully you should give us time, it's the least you can give to all these people who have given their time to you by answering your questions.

    Any rookie can go online and "research" whatever they want to create whatever "truth" they like.

    There is a wide range of talent and skill on this forum. Some are rookies and others are savvy veterans. When you put all those together you have a strong community with a coherent message. Again, you are painting with too broad a brush and are resulting in a misunderstanding and misjudgment on this community as a whole.

    People on here have downloaded a couple books on Babylon and examined some scratches on rocks and now all of a sudden they're experts on ancient astrology. They think they can descredit the slave class' findings on when Jerusalem really got sacked. Get real.

    Is it that the Governing Body are just more qualified, or is it that they have a unique and mystical connection to the creator of the universe? Because that's what they say exists, but they don't want to show anything substantial for it. Yes, they want to explain to the world what they have to show for it, but they ignore critical questions and discoveries that conflict with their findings. It seems to me that the Governing Body want people to just believe that they are from God so that they can be listened to. "Listen, Obey and be Blessed" is their motto around there. Since God doesn't speak in peals of thunder anymore that motto points the members straight to the Bible, as translated by Fred Franz and Johannes Greber, commentated on by the Watchtower and Awake publications which are personally overseen by the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. So when the Witnesses see, "Listen, Obey and be Blessed" they think that means in regard to Jehovah, which is not technically true. You cannot listen to anybody but the Governing Body and people reading their publications. So the Governing Body have put themselves as a required cog in the system of salvation for all of humanity. They do not have stake to this claim, even though they make it and falsely try to back it up. I think "get real" is the perfect thing to say to the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, but they just refuse to see the light.

    Even beyond what's truth and what's clearly false, the latter of which is prevalent here on Judas', it's quite apparent the lack of spiritual food. This message board is like Ethiopia in the 80's, and the Watchtower is a five star buffet in comparison.

    I hope you allow time for you to gather enough data in order to create an informed opinion on this site. Right now you are clearly operating with not enough data.

    Alright, I'm gonna take a long look at everything posted.

    See that you do, and ask more questions. I promise you will receive enough information to see the truth about what is going on at this site. Currently your opinion is less than adequate, but like I said only because you lack the data and experience which you have already taken steps to attaining. Good luck and Godspeed!


  • TD
    Any rookie can go online and "research" whatever they want to create whatever "truth" they like. People on here have downloaded a couple books on Babylon and examined some scratches on rocks and now all of a sudden they're experts on ancient astrology. They think they can descredit the slave class' findings on when Jerusalem really got sacked. Get real.

    Oh good God......Is this satire? Given the fact that there are no experts anywhere who will agree with the 607 date, reading, "a couple books on Babylon" and examining "some scratches on rocks and now all of a sudden they're experts..." is exactly what the leaders and policy makers of the JW parent organization did themselves. Get real yourself. I'm not a JW; my wife is. Why should I accept the 607 date when every single darn book on the subject at the local university libary is telling me something else? If you have a reference work that directly supports 607, then by all means, trot it out.....

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