The title of this forum should be changed to Judas' to accurately reflect it's makeup.

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  • cantleave

    I think theocratic sedition may be seeking forgiveness from Jerkyhoover - for coming onto this demon possessed website!

  • Glander

    Theo Sol is a one hit wonder. We have postedt 3 pages of good stuff and he is gone.

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition
    Theo Sol is a one hit wonder. We have postedt 3 pages of good stuff and he is gone.

    What good stuff? This place is a spirtual wasteland. You know, I found it somewhat intriguing at first. I guess you could say initially shocked at the gaul of you God haters. Like get a load of these disgruntled apostates deluding themselves into thinking they've procured truth outside of the truth. Yeah that's how I felt until it dawned on me that fantasy is all you people have left. I guess that's the results of the internet. Any rookie can go online and "research" whatever they want to create whatever "truth" they like. People on here have downloaded a couple books on Babylon and examined some scratches on rocks and now all of a sudden they're experts on ancient astrology. They think they can descredit the slave class' findings on when Jerusalem really got sacked. Get real. Even beyond what's truth and what's clearly false, the latter of which is prevelant here on Judas', it's quite apparent the lack of spiritual food. This message board is like Ethiopia in the 80's, and the Watchtower is a five star buffet in comparison.

  • Splash

    "you seek to reassure one another's falsehood".

    TheoSed, do you not do exactly this within your congregation every time a doctrine changes?

    Do you not say to one another "Yes, this new light seems so reasonable and correct, the old light so obviously wrong".

    Then when the new light reverts back to old light do you not repeat the exact same phrase to each other?

    Tell me TheoSed, who really seeks to reassure one another's falsehoods?

    You will find that this forum encourages discussion, not suppresses it.

    Here there is no need of hypnotic nodding in agreement out of fear of being viewed as weak or disorderly or worse. No fear here.


  • steve2

    Nothing like a mosquitoe to get me off my chair and swatting the air.

    I guess our mosquitoe friend won't be telling their local congregation where they've been hanging out.

    It's called Hypocrisy.

  • cedars

    Theocratic Sedition - I agree with nothing that you've said, but as a plus point, I like your username!! It has a certain panache to it.

    I also commend you for ignoring the Society's counsel and posting on an "apostate" forum. That takes guts, and I admire you for that, if nothing else.

    As we say in England, "in for a penny, in for a pound" - you've come this far so you might as well answer some of your critics and expand on your views, don't you think?

    Please listen to this song, and imagine it's all of us on this forum singing it to you (I'm the one in the baseball cap - it's nothing like the cap in my avatar, but it'll have to do)...

    [edit post: while I was typing this, you came back!! I had no idea this video would work THAT fast. I'll have to remember that for future. Anyway, well done for continuing to ignore "The Slave's" admonition. You have great potential to become a free thinker.]


  • elderelite

    Lol.... How can you all take this seriously....?

  • Splash

    By the way, I'm a (very ) active brother in the congregation - maybe yours!

    I do not hate God and I love the Bible. I spend time and money upbuilding the congrgation members.

    What I do not love is the flip-flopping teachings which the FDS tell me are from Jehovah, but are reversed years, months or even just weeks later.

    When the FDS regurgitate old food which was once considered poisonous enough to get you disfellowshipped, how do I know they are now serving a banquet?


  • minimus

    Theocratic Sedition is simply having fun with the board. I wouldn't believe in his seriousness at all.

  • LostGeneration

    the Watchtower is a five star buffet in comparison

    A food reference? Odds just increased its Miz/NRFG/Whatever your last username was.

    How long are you gonna string us poor apostates along, Miz?

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