Thought Reform and the Psychology of the 'Safeguard Your Heart!' 2012 Convention

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  • thecrushed

    wt wields extremely powerful mind ctrl on 7million people. sometimes i wonder how many people would jump off a cliff or take poison like with jonestown if they were told to. heck if they told them to go kill evil worldlies and they gave a bible citation from the old testiment about how the isrealites killed the canaanites would they blindly turn into murderous maniacs. oh wait we are supposed to let jehovah do that! umm i think all they would have to do is say thatjehover is now using them to be gods punishers instead of preachers. i think if they said ok this it the great tribulation is here now go kill some apostates they would do it! i mean seriously am i too far off considering islamic extremist actions?!

  • flipper

    BTTT, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    OK, all right, I am going to spend the weekend falling asleep through this bollocks. Well actually I will listen with my bullsh*t detector on. It will probably burn out during the first morning. The main problem is keeping the vomit to the back of the throat.

    The stupid thing is, most of the speakers are as doubtful of what they are saying as most on here are. Under the watchful eye of the bethel reps they somehow put all their doubts to one side and spew the crap out. I think the whole thing is summed up by the invisible King's clothes story. The problem is that as soon as someone says "the King is in the all-together" he is gagged and bundled out faster than a rat up a drainpipe.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    DOC - no, never question the Faithful and Discreet Slave! It would be awful! Don't do it.

    00DAD - Thank you for listing the real reasons we need to safeguard our hearts! Well done. And I think you are right: one of the creepiest parts was the idea of even 'secretly doubting'. Now, even your innermost feelings belong to them.

  • Emery


    That's technically what you call fundamentalism. This commentary by John Dominic Crossan is what comes to mind.

  • 00DAD

    Very interesting video. Thanks for sharing Emery.

    "Religious fundamentalism is probably the most dangerous thing in the world at the moment, ... Christians or Muslim, I'm not making any distinction." - John Dominic Crossan @ 4:10

  • Cadellin

    Great comments--I'll add my observations, too. I was at the DC on the West Coast at the end of June/beg of July (won't say where to maintain anonymity) I have to agree w/what's been said about thought control and manipulation. I'm not sure if it was stronger at this assemb or if I'm more attuned to it, but WOW--major psychological assault on any kind of indep thinking or self-reliance.

    This whole binarial heart/flesh dichotomy was fashioned to instill doubt and hesitation in anyone listening--doubt or even whole-scale aversion to any form of healthy, rational thinking-things-through-for-oneself. You just can't trust anything that comes from within yourself! That's why you need to be TOLD what to do, say, wear and, most importantly, think. Otherwise, you run the risk of displeasing Jehovah by relying on your treacherous heart. You must obey whatever it is that you're told, even if you don't understand or happen to agree. Any shades of doubt or disagreement with what the Slave has said or provided is really exactly the same as "testing Jehovah in your heart."

    Yikes. This was underscored over and over. The rhetoric harmonized with the mind-control content. One new strategy I noticed was the practice of the speaker making a statement and then saying, "Let me say that again," or "I'll repeat that..." or "Did you catch that?" and then, gosh-darn, saying the same statement again word for word. This little ditty happened in virtually every talk. Did anyone else notice that?

    I'll also throw out the number baptized, since it was interesting. We had peak attendance of 6,500 approx. on Sat. and the baptism was a whole 21 souls. That's it. That's not even half a percent. Interestingly,I later spoke to someone who had attended a Spanish convention with roughly the same attendance and the baptisms were 58. So now we know where all the increase is (not that it's any surprise).

    The general feeling I got from the content was a ramping up of fear, paranoia and control. No question about it. Due to circumstances, I had to miss Sunday. Oh, darn!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    EMERY - glad it helped you through your convention and I will check out this YouTube you posted here. . . looks like it has a thread of its own already.

    I have asked myself why, as I was growing up, I never had a clear idea of what I wanted in/or out of life, or even what I really felt about life. As you have pointed out, the borg/FDS (so called) manipulates and damages your self-concept until you never question what you might think or want

    PANHANDLEGIRL - your comment really resonated with me. What's sad is seeing friends and family stuck in this state of identity inertia. And yes, I can't believe I bought into this shit for forty years either.

    THECRUSHED - I sometimes wonder if they aren't capable of pulling off a Jamestown type scenario at some point in the future. It's not impossible.

    FLIPPER! - I love Flipper. Thanks.

    SLIDINFAST - The only thing I can suggest is to find a Starbucks or nice coffee shop nearby if you have to go. That's where I spent much of Saturday and Sunday.

  • Heaven

    -the heart naturally inclines to "bad", and is attracted to "wrong"

    -the heart is desperate, treacherous. It makes excuses, is likely to deceive you, and excuses wrongdoing

    There are studies to show these 2 statements to be false. The video "I Am" by Tom Shadyac is a bit long but worth a watch. It shows how even animals, birds, and insects work cooperatively. That wanting to do good for others, to want to help others is inherent in our DNA. While I have a few issues with some of the comments about Science and Religion in this video, I was intrigued by much of what was presented... and also the fact that he spoke with David Suzuki:

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    "One new strategy I noticed was the practice of the speaker making a statement and then saying, "Let me say that again," or "I'll repeat that..." or "Did you catch that?" and then, gosh-darn, saying the same statement again word for word."

    CADELLIN - now that you say it, I did notice that! Thanks for pointing it out.

    HEAVEN - I'm going to try and watch this movie this weekend. Looks really good, thanks for the recommendation!

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