How many here smoke?

by cantleave 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    an occasional doobie but I avoid it when I can

  • zoiks
    cofty/cantleave - get hold of any cohiba/montecristo and get going

    Right on, Besty. I've yet to meet a Cohiba I didn't love.

  • Dagney

    A cigar a couple times a year. They are delicious.

    Edited to add: My JW gf said a brother gave her a cigar because he knew she wanted to smoke one. She didn't store it properly so she threw it out. I told her I'd take her to the ocean with some scotch in a flask and smoke one with her. I asked if the brother smoked, she said no. Okay.

  • cofty

    Thanks for the tip besty/zoiks I feel the need to give it a try.

  • mrsjones5

    Don't smoke, never will. Tho' I do like the smell of cigars and pipe tobacco.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Never have, never will.

    It's not just the the health aspect, it's the thought of giving all that good money to the government to waste. Nearly as bad as giving money to the WTS.


  • TimeBandit

    When I was 16 we were an inactive jw family living in Athens, Ga. I had no freinds but eventually made a couple. One was a latchkey kid named Jerry. One day Jerry offered me a cigarette. I accepted, and lit it up right away. I didn't cough or choke. I inhaled the smoke smoothly. I liked it. We walked down to the convienience store and I bought my own pack. Ever since that day, I've been a smoker.

    I'd spend a few years as a jw with my nose clean concerning smoking, then I would slip up and smoke for a while. I'd usually end up with feelings of guilt so I'd confess to the elders and get a slap on the wrist here and there. I got myself disfellowshipped (in part) for smoking twice.

    I know it's bad for me but I love smoking. It's one of my few comforts in life. I've been thinking about quitting again, but I know I'll end up smoking at some point in the future. I smoke less then I used to (Unless we're talking about weed) so I feel good about that.


  • Kojack57

    Angus: Like yourself my father died of cancer and it was not a pleasant thing to witness. I did smoke while I was in the Army for a few years and broke the habit, thankfully. The tobacco industry adds a lot of different additives to get you hooked.

    My advise to anyone reading this, please dont start this bad habit, it not only destroys your lungs but your breath will smell like a filthy ash tray, not to mention that you will smell like smoke. I'd rather smell like cologne and other people will appreciate it as well.


  • 00DAD

    an occasional good cigar with a nice cognac or a good single malt.

    I like Rocky Patel Edge Lites, Macanundos and Cohibas. Some of the Romeo y Juliettas are good too.

  • ammo

    Its Tuesday the 12th here in Oz, and for me its 1 year today smoke free,

    well tabacco free anyway!

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