How many here smoke?

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  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I tried a cigar in the $5-7 price range. Didn't like it very well.

    A year goes by. My wife joins me in my escape from the JWs, so I figured we'd try a more expensive one together.

    Dunhill, in the $20 price range. We enjoyed the first few puffs, but it gets stronger as the cigar gets shorter.

    That was a couple years ago. Maybe we'll try another one together at some special occasion.


  • TOTH

    I smoke close to a pack a day. And an occasional pipe...Just drug store tobacco so far. And of course SATIVA...

  • puffthedragon

    Not cigarettes. Smoking something else right now though.

  • Chariklo

    Never smoked. Never will.

    No credit to me though. I just don't like the taste...tried it for a week when I was about 18. I never once inhaled, couldn't stand the thought of putting smoke into my lungs. That was years ago, when everyone was and it seemed a way to fit in, but I hated it.

    Not for me.

  • HappyDad

    I'm sorry to say that being a non smoker for 35+ years......I started again about 5-6 years ago. Damn hard to quit I must say.


  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I had a thirty year nightmare with smoking. I was shunned three times as a result. I reckon the biggest problem was some weird compulsion linked to the taboo nature of smoking in the "troof". I sincerely tried all the approved ways of freeing my self from the habit and the guilt I felt.

    Then I got some CBT from the Doc and was able to completly leave it behind. I hated the constant deception and schoolboy secrecy it involved and the risk to health it represented.

    I remember the WT article coming out in '73 and the cold shiver it gave me. I think I was destined to have a problem with it as soon as that self righteous crap was released. I think my freedom from the habit came as I discarded the power of all the false junk I had been subjected to for all those years. Ironically as I freed myself of residual belief so the power of the addiction faded.

    I am pleased to be free from addiction to smoking now but if there was a good reason to start again it iwould be because the WT banned it.

  • clarity

    Never could figure out what the attraction was ... so no never did!

  • mynameislame

    I started smoking when I drank with friends worked up to a pack a week for about a year. Now I'm back to very occasionally when I'm out with friends that smoke.

  • Haulin Oats
    Haulin Oats

    I chew Copenhagen and have since Junior year in high school all the while going to meetings/service. Its amazing how you can hide that shit in your lip and no one suspects you of being a "sinner". Its been 20 years since I started chewing and officially made my exodus a few years ago.

  • transhuman68

    Hopelessly addicted smoker here. Sometimes I disgust myself! Ugh!

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