How many here smoke?

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  • darthweef

    I started smoking after my wife and I split up, but I am trying to quit now.. I smoked as a kid when I was 9 years old until I was about 13. My father was not a witness, so he smoked. I love a good cigar with a craft beer, but I need to kill the cigarettes, they are just so bad for you. LOL

  • wasblind

    I have , pegged, topped, pulled, tied , hung and sheet tobacco,

    never caught on to smokin' though

    For those who aren't familiar those are terms used in farming tobacco

  • Iamallcool

    never have and never will!

  • Quirky1

    I used to smoke, quit, started smoking again, quit.... Well, I picked it up again when I found the truth wasn't the truth.... I did it just to be rebellious... but now it's a habit again...

  • cliff

    I sometimes fume - but I don't smoke.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I have never been a cigarette smoker. If weed were legal, I'd probably smoke a little of that. Just Ron was a smoker when we started dating. He quit when I was pregnant with our first baby because the smell made me throw up. He couldn't handle me throwing up constantly LOL. When we started studying with the dubs, it provided extra motivation for him to stay off the smokes. I doubt he'll take it up again, since it's so unhealthy and so expensive. I would be very displeased if he did. If it weren't so unhealthy I wouldn't care.

  • Sulla

    Here's the secret about smoking: cigarettes are delicious! It is so good, it has to be taxed and outlawed. Marlboro Skyline, with just a hint of menthol, little nicotine buzz... good stuff.

  • lost1

    Sorry to say I do and when I met the "bf" he said he had never smoked in his life but wanted to try one! Told him he was stupid if he did but he still went ahead and had one. Another sign of rebellion in hindsight! and then he wanted to get his first lottery ticket and then put his first bet on! All the signs were there.....


  • NomadSoul

    I've smoked one but I didn't enjoy it.

  • besty

    cigars and scotch/port/brandy - all good - would like to try the pipe

    of course there are other things worth smoking :-) so I'm told...

    cofty/cantleave - get hold of any cohiba/montecristo and get going (or come up to london and we will smoke ourselves silly)

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