Sparlock Drives My Wife to the Brink of Apostasy

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    BoC: "with tears welling up, my wife says "I swear, sometimes i think we are just one step from Apostasy!"

    Just remind her that after watching that video, it's clear enough that WT is the apostate organization. Your wife is just one step from reality, real truth, and lasting freedom.

  • NewChapter

    Similarly, when writers and story tellers who are not JW's depict magic, they are almost never connecting it to 'Satan' and the 'Demons.'

    Hell--I'm a writer---I'm an atheist---I don't believe in demunz or magic---but my stories are sometimes full of them.

    JW's don't respect our minds creativity. They are threatened by it. I've even written about murder, but have never murdered or wanted to murder. It's kind of ironic because the JW writing committee is the most creative writing group of all. And as to demonic art and so forth---I remember this depiction of Satan that they put in their mag that gave most JW's the shivers. It was quite creative---green if I remember correctly. Why green? The bible says nothing about Satan being green.

    THEY made up Sparlock. That was okay though.

    I also used to watch Christmas movies with other JWs. I actually sat in my PO's house with his pioneer daughter and fully devoted wife watching A Christmas Story. They laughed and loved it. The next movie that followed was another Christmas movie.

    It's ridiculous and childish to fear fantasy and give it more power than it has. Horton didn't hear a Who and there are no monsters under the bed---grow up---Caleb is lightyears ahead of his mother.


  • Chariklo

    Breakfast of Champions:

    I really enjoyed that account. Gently does it. Your wife experienced a moment there when she went way beyond anything any of the JW's I know would be capable of.

    The JW's here are so hard line, all scared of Satan round every corner, behind every question. All totally and utterly brainwashed. They have a favourite joke. (Sorry about this; it is very, very lame.)

    "People say we're brainwashed, and I say, YES! My brain has been washed clean of all the rubbish, all the lies of the churches!" And they all giggle away.

    But I have one unanswered question here.

    "This is ridiculous." she said. "This is just like when Brother Whack-Job CO and Sister Manipulative Elderette threw a fit over My Little Ponies back in the '80s. You know how many toys I ended up throwing out? And all for nothing! There's a huge difference between spiritism and make-believe."

    Just what is wrong with My Little Pony?!? The mind boggles!



    You're proud to have been a Jehovah's Witness for all of two years. That puts you very close indeed to my position; you just got one stage further.

    I don't think you're that entrenched. You say all the right JW things about Satan etc. But, please, what was in your mind when you first came onto the JWN pages?

    You have doubts, my friend, but you are just not acknowledging them to yourself. There are certain questions in your mind that you're not even daring to look at and ask. That's OK. I know just where you're coming from. I think you are educated.

    For me, one thing was knowing full well that humn beings had been around for a very, very long time, a lot longer than the 6,000 years the Watchtower insists on. And then there's that business of knowing to the very year exactly when Adam was created. I did dare to ask the elder who was then taking my study, and got a gentle reprimand and passage read from the Reasoning book.

    Askduane, you probably have different questions in your mind, maybe that you don't let yourself think about, just little niggles that you suppress.Don't worry about it.

    Stick around. Post or not, as you wish. No-one will know you're here, and you can clear your browser history. Just sit and read and begin to think. You'll be welcome.

  • Listener

    NewChapter said "THEY made up Sparlock. That was okay though." This just dawned on yesterday.

    It wasn't Satan, the world or some misguided individual but it was the organisation that created it and then proceed to teach a lesson that was based on a figment of their imagination.

    What they did was create or make up a character called Sparlock and then proceeded to treat him as if he had magical qualities and threw him out. How much stranger can it get?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep


    You wouldn't read about it....

    I go down to my local pub for a quiet drink tonight and low and behold, there is one of my best friends, wearing ......

    ************ wait for it ************

    ************ Tinkerbell pyjamas ************



    ****Sorry guys**** No photos ****

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    JEMBA - thanks! Bring on the stupid releases! Less work for me. . .

    BILLY T E B - I hope you're right. I think she might be a few steps away, but certainly one step closer.

    NEWCHAPTER/LISTENER - that is the real absurdity of it all. The WATCHTOWER SOCIETY creates a fictional toy so they can destroy it. Unfortunately, I think the irony of that will be lost on many.

    CHARIKLO - Here's the My Little Pony story: in the late 80's, we had a CO who was really into demons -- privately, he actually showed me a list of demons and what they did on earth. Some tainted baby formula, others caused accidents at construction sites, stuff like that. From the stage, he claimed that My Little Ponies were demonized because they were "magical". Also, one of the ponies was a unicorn, and unicorns stand for Jesus/Satan/Phalluses.

    Here's the best, and I am not making this up: he told the congregation of an "incident" where a little girl was found masturbating with the unicorn horn of a My Little Pony. Case closed, demons raping children with plastic toys. Needless to say, a lot of MLPs got thrown out.

  • InterestedOne

    BOC - Thanks for relaying the thinking of that CO. It helps me put some pieces together about things my JW acquaintance has said to me about demons. I think she has a similar view - that is, demons are going around pulling all sorts of sinister pranks like marketing Coca-Cola. Umm, about the "incident," were children of all ages present when he said this to the congregation? Did anyone complain or did he get reprimanded for it?

  • Cadellin

    "It was wizards of magic that were led by Satan to find the baby Jesus and reveal his wearabouts..."

    I hate it when my wearabouts are revealed. Especially if I'm wearing the polka-dot ones.

    BTW, duane, welcome!

  • Chariklo

    Unbelievable! But I can believe it because I know JW's, and I know several who say things just as outrageous as this.

    Well, Ok, I don't think anything could top the My Little Pony story. (That is SO funny, but kind of sad too.) But I know two sisters who solemnly believe and tell others, eg their "studies", eg me, that in British schools the teachers actually, actively encourage teenagers to go off and have sex with each othre during the lunch break.

    They believe this. I kid you not.

    I know another sister and her elder husband who buy things from auction sales and sell them on ebay. Sometimes a demon comes into the house through a piece of old lace.

    You have to be very careful. They're cunning things, these demons.

  • shamus100


    You let those things in just a little and BAM! YOU'RE OUTTA THE TRUTH! That can be the only explanation! There is no other...

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