Sparlock Drives My Wife to the Brink of Apostasy

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    What do you think about the United Nations?

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Getting back on topic...

    BOC, your wife is on the threshold of realising that the WTS is a pile of rubbish. Don't push her. Let her reason on things in her own time and she will leave for good. Her reaction to this video indicates she is nearly there.

    My final pushing point curtesy of the WTS was the Greatest Man book. Studying that helped me leave. This video may almost be the final straw. Just give it time.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Great news BoC. I think you handle it well. Best not to push. People leave the WT at their own pace.

    Did you get the DVD at the assembly? I was wondering if they went forward and released it there. There was some speculation that they would withdraw it due to all the controversy over it and because it already became a joke even before it's release.

  • BluesBrother

    Breakfast Of Champions :

    I am pretty sure that Sister Blues would react the same way as Sister B of C.. I am looking forward to getting the dvd in the U K . I liked this phrase :

    "one of those new fake Governing Body members who thinks he's anointed introduced it. "

    I gather that was your line but I do hear it from my wife, diehard dub that she is. Something will push her out eventually !

  • yourmomma

    ignoring the rantings from the JW's lunitic, my wife showed this video to her friend who is still in, but is considered "weak" by the other cult members. she has always shyed away from youtube, etc. but this video really pissed her off, at first like many, she thought it was fake. but then when she saw the GB intro, she knew it was real. her response is to boycott her convention, and the next morning she texted my wife and blamed her waking up late on sparlock, so that was funny and telling.

    im so glad the society did this, what a mistake, LOL

  • MeanMrMustard

    I love it when loyal, active JWs chime in and help prove the case against the WTB&TS.

    askduane, You say, " The Governing Body are anointed helpers of Jehovah God to guide and direct millions to come to Truth and set you Free." - of course, you realize that following their guidance would mean that you shouldn't have posted anything at all on this dangerous website. Nevertheless, your comments do your side much more harm than good. Keep it up!

  • 00DAD

    BOC, Dude this rocks!

    Your wife had a "magic moment" (pun intended).

    It's interesting what will finally get us to wake up to the absurdities of this religion. She obviously remembers being deprived of a great deal during her childhood. You can build on this. Consider all the other things that the WTBTS tries to control:

    • Who you can and cannot be friends with
    • Who you can and cannot marry
    • Where you can and cannot work
    • How much education you can have
    • How often you should enjoy recreation
    • What books you can and cannot read
    • What movies you can and cannot watch
    • What music you can and cannot listen to

    The list is, as you know, long.

    Find out which ones are/were sore points for her. Ask her WHY the GB feels the need to be so controlling.

    I recently had a powerful thought in response to a JWN thread where someone was considering returning. I realized:

    I can never be a JW because you cannot make your own decisions about so many things in life, some of them THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS AN INDIVIDUAL SHOULD/CAN MAKE ABOUT THEIR OWN LIFE; you have to believe in things that aren't true and you end up pretending to be someone you are not.


  • 00DAD

    double post

  • nugget

    Duane - you talk of flipping it I nearly died laughing. The governing body are the kings of the flip flop. The religion you joined barely 2 years ago is not the same as the religion I was baptised into 30 years ago. Most of the doctrines have been tweaked, changed or completely reinvented. I love your attempt to defend the indefensible and the text book rant against apostates with all those lovely generalisations. Perhaps you should have put as much passion into researching the religion you have got baptised into as you have into breaking their rules. Your fear of Satan and his demons makes you less free than the average person.

  • TD

    breakfast of champions,

    My experience is similar. My JW wife walked in while I was watching it and said, "Awww, turn that $hit off, Tom." It took some explaining to convince her that it really did originate with the JW parent organization. --And she's been baptized for almost forty years!

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