Sparlock Drives My Wife to the Brink of Apostasy

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  • TD


    If you want the Holy Spirit to dwell in your home, you must clean house completely. Holy Spirit and demon spirits can't dwell in same house together. Choose today whom you will serve. God or Witchcraft.

    Why would you take a piece of fiction that is not told by a JW and try to shoehorn it into your JW worldview?

    Do you have a problem with The Wizard of Oz? How about Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little? Would you refuse to read The Odyssey?

    What about the Chronicles of Narnia? You do realize that they were writtien by one of the most prominant Christian thinkers of his generation?

  • garyneal

    I am not sure how my wife is going to react to this when she sees it. Back when our JW babysitter told my oldest daughter that she did not like Super-Why because they use magic, it caused a bit of a dispute between my wife and I. Like my wife, I too came from a church that saw Satan in just about anything and I told her how those comments reminded me of that church and their apprenhension to things like the Smurfs and Captain Planet.

    Mr. askduane:

    Since you are a relatively newbie to this religion, I wonder how much do you really know about other churches and their beliefs. As I just got finished saying, my old church (an Independent Fundamental Baptist church) was equally paranoid about Satan and saw him in just about everything. They too believed that they have the correct interpretations of the Bible and their favorite translation is the King James because they believe all other translations are not correct. When I was studying with the witnesses, I remember seeing these obvious parallels between them and the IFB's. Since I was burned once by a cult (that I did not view as a cult at the time), I was not about to do it again.

  • Sulla

    I confess I am genuinely surprised to find so many people reporting that real JWs have a problem with this. I thought for sure that this would be one of those things the XJWs get geeked up about but all those still inside don't even notice. Happy to be mistaken.

  • hamsterbait

    I have said this before, but it will bear repeating:

    As we all know: magic DOES NOT EXIST.

    The God of the WTBTS sits on his glorious throne getting giant hives and pulling sulky faces over something that does not exist. What a fool.

    Its a shame he cant spend some of that wasted energy on something constructive in the here and now, like protecting kids from molestors, or ensuring they have food in their little mouths.


  • shamus100

    Jesus in the bible was an apostate. So were his followers. ;)

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    So Jehovah gets all Sad when a 8 yr old plays with a "Toy"

    Well no Wonder this World is the way it is........ LMAO

    Jehovah !!! Remember Dude!!!

    Priorities..... it's all about Priorities.... I think you should step back and see the "REAL" Problems we need you to work on, GOD!

    I believe the Road just got REAL NARROW LOL

  • Farkel

    Let the board note that AskDuane did not produce a single shred of evidence for his preposterous claims; he just produced a pile of superstitious twaddle.

    Dubs are a least a THOUSAND times more superstitious than any cult in history, including the Salem Witch trial idiots, the Catholic Church, the Fundamentalist Christians, the Muslims, Wiccans, Voodoo Practitioners and even Mormons!

    When it comes to facts, don't "AskDuane." He's a clueless, newbie dubbie with clueless newbie superstitions spouting nonsense he cannot defend with either scripture, or worse, logic.

    So go read your latest KM, AskDuane. I'm going to go play with my action dolls. They are a LOT more fun than KMs.


  • hamsterbait

    Dont you think it would be more constructive to say Jehovah hates wizards and witches because they are liars and con artists?

    But I suppose that if Caleb has to throw out his toy for that reason, no witless kid will be allowed to keep any of the GB plastic toy collection when it comes out.

    There will be all the props for spreading lies in miniature: little book bags, little polyester suits, even ankle length chin high frocks for the plastic elderettes - cos we all know those little dolls have the body of a WOMAN! Even - (my god! is there no end to their ingenuity?) - invisible plastic angels to direct the mini door- to- bore misery.

    And of course Caleb might start asking how to throw out the fake people at the kingdumb hell.


  • John_Mann

    Sometimes it's just a little thing that start a thought change. My mother started to doubt when she saw the subliminal pictures in the litter-a-turd. To the SI it's just a curiosity, just like Sparlock but these little things could bring a ignition to the fire of doubt.

  • EmptyInside

    Well,it appears your wife is starting to think.

    If I was still-in,I probably wouldn't have watched this video since I don't have children. I probably wouldn't have picked up a copy at the District Convention. I'm sure there are other Witnesses like me who won't bother to watch since they aren't parents or grandparents. Something else will have to wake them up,like every speaker on the convention wearing a white shirt,lol. Do they still have that rule for conventions?

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