Simple answer, please! Scientifically explain the origin of life coming from nothing!

by Silent_Scream 170 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Are we there yet?

  • bohm

    Well silent scream, should we only accept ideas which has good supportive evidence yes or no?

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    you can't prove there is no God.

    You Can't??????????..............

    Tell you what.............

    Have him call me .....I'm sure he has my #.............

    God!! R U THERE??????


    I Win LOL

    I will set a big Bonfire and you can Invite your God to a Burn off!!!

    Wait ....... it's been done before......

    But not a Charlie Burn Off LOL...........

    Busting your chops!!! I don't care 1 way or the other LOL

  • Glander

    Silent scream,

    Since I can't explain it scientifically are you saying that this proves a supernatural God originated life? Okay, if that is the case, I think it is only fair to ask you what God has been doing since? Like, what is He doing right now? There are many questions but I have yet to hear any legitimate answers.

    I don't know you. Perhaps you are only interested in the creation question and have no further religous agenda

    How did life start?... is not the real question.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Bohm answered well. Other things are known (or well-accepted) despite no actual observance.

    You want a nice simple answer to compare with "God did it." Sometimes nice simple answers are no answer. But for you:
    Either life always existed or it started from nonlife. Even a "God" would have to be defined as life or nonlife so there is still the same problem remaining.

    If God or life always existed, Man has not figured out how that is yet. If God or life started from nonlife, Man has not figured out how that is yet. Great minds are working on it and will get back to you when they know.

  • Silent_Scream

    Please do not sidestep the issue.

    I am asking YOU for YOUR EVIDENCE. I will not insert God. I will not testify to the Biblical account. I just want evidence, the stuff you claim theists don't have.

  • Silent_Scream

    OTWO - I will not say God did it. I'm asking, not telling.

  • bohm

    Logic for the logically challenged:

    • you have your favorite idea A and other people have a bunch of other idea B1,B2,B3,...
    • Ask: "is there any EVIDENCE any of B is true????". Demand any explanation is "directly observed" and "reproducible".
    • Reject all "B" due to lack of evidence, tacitly assume A is true.

    Example: "There is a dragon living in my ass"

    1. My but hurt. A dragon living in my ass would explain why it hurt.
    2. No other explanation has direct observational evidence since nobody has looked up my bum.
    3. Therefore, a dragon live in my ass!

    The sad thing is the argument is about this bad....

  • Silent_Scream

    bohm - Provide evidence. That's all I'm asking! You want to insert all types propoganda to avert the question.

    A better question is this:

    Do you have any evidence?

    (No double standards. I ask all religionists the same thing, believe me. But this thread is not about that. A lot of religions/theists sorely lack critical thinking and evidence in their beliefs. So I am putting EVERYONE on that block. Inluding atheism.)

    I want/need proof!

  • bohm

    But silent scream, you allready have your answer: there is no direct evidence for any particular idea for abiogenesis.

    So what?

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