New DVD "Become Jehovah's Friend"

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  • cedars

    Thanks AnnOMaly, I'll hunt down those words and soften them. I agree that they're over the top and defeat the purpose of the article, which is to reason with thinking JWs. Usually I can do this quite sedately, but as you note, this HAS pressed buttons.

    I actually don't think my childhood was TOO repressive, although I think back with astonishment at some of the harmless things my sister and I were banned from doing. From childhood onwards I've seen what happens when families DO go way over the top, which they can do far too easily, especially with drivel such as this from the Society urging them to be ever more draconian.

    Anyway, I'll snip those words out. Thanks for the input!!


  • Chariklo
    It wouldn't necessarily have been expensive. More likely it came free with a promotional McDonalds meal. If it was an expensive new toy, there's no way Caleb's friend would have given it him (not without his parents going berserk and demanding it back). I agree it was very bad mannered to throw it away rather than give it back to his friend, but a possible reason has been given above.

    Just as bad mannered to give it back, anyway. There's a double message, really. Caleb shouldn't have had a friend outside the JW's, and it's confirmed because the firend had given him a magical, therefore Satanic toy.

    Twisted, horrible thinking.

  • AnnOMaly

    Just as bad mannered to give it back, anyway.

    Hm, maybe so. Come to think of it, it would make Caleb feel like a freak - "Sorry, my mom says I cannot play with this. We don't believe in wizards. You can have it back." But I think many JW parents would get their kid to do that.

  • dozy

    I've hacked the DVD & found this- it must have been the first draft of Morris's speech...

    Hi – I’m Anthony Morris the 3 rd of the Governing Body. Yes – the third. No – not Morris Minor – I don’t find that very funny. You can call me Tony. Or Uncle Tony if you want.

    I’m here to introduce a wonderful new provision for our youngsters – a DVD. Yes – I know everyone has moved onto streaming video online. But we always have been five years behind the loop here. Jehovah’s chariot moves at great speed but sometimes you really can’t beat a decent car.

    The Governing Body has always been very interested in the welfare of children. Indeed – one of our past members , Leo Greenlees had a particular interest in young boys.

    For example in 1941 Brother Rutherford produced the marvelous book for Children , called “ Children “. Yes – he didn’t waste much time thinking of a snazzy title. It was given as a free gift to all the children in attendance and the Watchtower said that it was a wonderful tool to use in the remaining months before Armageddon. What a godsend and what a true prophecy – indeed , there have been only about 850 months since then. And doubtless just a few months left now as we near the wonderful moment when billions of babies & little children will be annihilated forever. Especially those that give their toy wizards to our young JW children.

    Then we had the super Bible Stories book. So many enjoyed the delightful illustrations. OK – I’ll admit we did pinch some of the artwork from bible stories books produced by Satan’s organizations. But didn’t the Israelites often plunder material possessions from the Canaanites? Even their virgin women? So in doing so , the Governing Body are simply copying the fine example of the faithful men of old.

    Unusually for a GB member , I’m a parent myself. In fact – that is why I am presenting this DVD , because none of the other guys have any kids. Not that they’ll admit to , anyway! ( nervous laugh!) Yes – you are right - Albert Shroeder had a son - in fact , he sent him to university – Columbia State. But if any of you elders or pioneers watching this do the same – we’ll delete you. Sorry guys. One rule for us – one rule for you. Just obey – and you’ll be OK.

    Enjoy the DVD. We would really appreciate if you would send your letters of appreciation to your Bethel , together with cheques – you know how much these things cost to produce. What – you did so already & it got sent back “Branch closed – return to sender”? Well – send it here to Brooklyn. Until we close that as well – though we aren’t sure of God’s will yet.

  • elderelite

    I think the return of the toy would have been the likley out come in my case as well. All it did was teach me to hide these things.

    On a related note, oompa has a thread where he talks about a star trek episode causing a rift in his marriage. In my case it was "star wars". My wofe viwed it as "weird" and magical and tried to forbid it our house. I remeber seeing the orginal in the theater as young lad, then the following two as years went by, and they were a source of great fun and enjoyment... So i told her to grow up and stop jumping at shadows. When our oldest was born she tried again, and when the phantom meance came out she forbade him from seeing it. Which i of course ignored. The oldest has seen all three and things far "worse" since i woke up but dubbies are obbssed, even as adults, with magic or anything close...

    Which leads me back to the so called holy book itself. Water to wine isnt m Agic??? Animating dust to life??? Not the higest form of magic? No it comes down to "good" magic (performed by the desert god and his represenatives) or bad magic (anything anyone claims didnt come from the desert god)

    Jesus was a wizard. Elihja called down fire... Wizard. Moses turned sticks to snakes... Wizard!!!! On and on it goes..... Its typical double standards and superstious foolishness.

  • Borges

    Poor Caleb. The next time he will hide the toy (or anything else that he likes, but is disliked by his parents). First step into leading a double-life.

    When I remember my childhood - as a young boy I couldn't realy distinguish between Jehovah and my dad, as both were called father. Everytime I prayed on my own, I imagined my Daddies face. I don't think, a child of five or six years age has really a concept of god. So Caleb doesn't really know what it means to make Jehovah sad. He only knows, what it means to make his parents sad. The sadness of his parents is equal to the sadness of god - a connection, that can only be destroyed with al lot of will and a lot of pain.

    This is video is evil.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I wonder, what would a child psychologist make of this DVD?

    You would have to scrape the child psychologist's jaw off the floor after watching this. This video is a great resource for those seeking custody of their children from a JW parent. Thanks governing body!

    Yes, what "seems wrong" about this whole video is that is was NOT written or reviewed by a child psychologist and/or Doctor of Education. ANY children's DVD produced these days has at least a couple, if not a team of child psychs and education specialists who carefully word and edit the content so as to provide the child with a positive message, the very message this video so greatly lacks: unconditional love.
  • cedars

    Following some excellent suggestions by AnnOMaly, I have now been through my article again and toned it down still further. Obviously, there are some things I cannot tone down without making the article toothless - but wherever I can say things in a less bitter or hostile manner I have done so.

    We're now on nearly 50 facebook "likes" which is incredible for a JW-related article in my limited experience. Just goes to show, this is REALLY touching a nerve with people, not just me!!


  • Borges

    I don't know if anybody mentioned the beginning of the movie yet. We see young Caleb flying in sky. Then the engine stops and he is falling right to the ground. Maybe it was made just to capture the attention, especially of the young ones. But there is although a message behind it. The killing of fantasy. Caleb is brought to the ground where lessons are to be learned. No highflying anymore because Satan is right behind him. He wants him to disobey and he wants him to play with toys that make his parents sad.

    Fantasy is dangerous. Why was Caleb running into the house without cleaning his shoes? Because he was totally captured in his imagination of being a pilot. And when he played with the wizzard toy, his ma had some problems to get his attention.

    Someone put it out before. The GB is afraid of imagination, because all they are teaching is allthough imagination - a ferrytale. But they want the young ones to see it as reality.

    If you want to know how to injure a young soul - watch this video.

  • cuckoo in the nest
    cuckoo in the nest

    That sequence just told me they have no understanding of the laws of physics. The airplane drops straight out of the sky? Please! Obviously science, reason and logic have no place in watchtower world.

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