New DVD "Become Jehovah's Friend"

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  • Poztate
    Last I checked, you could get a spindle of blank DVD's and it works out to less than 20 cents each, by a cover for maybe 50 cents and your done.
    All they had to buy is a computer to animate this stuff.

    Yeah.. They aren't getting the same profits from book sales that they used too so they are trying for a new market to squeeze the bucks out of the rank and file. I am sure all parents at least will feel presured to buy this for the kiddies...sick...

    One possible theory is that the Society began the project hoping for a longer series of films, but the financial woes caught up with them mid-production causing them to bale and just release what they had.

    Yeah... We can always hope

  • Flat_Accent

    Somehow this isn't as bad as the 'Sing along' section.

  • usualusername
  • Flat_Accent

    Actually the more I watch lesson 2 the more infuriated I become.

    Trying to guilt your 4 year old out of playing, because God doesn't like that toy? How petty do you have to be?? This is playground logic.

    'If you want to be my friend, stop playing with that toy. I don't like those kinds of toys. And if you don't stop playing with them I'm going to beat you up.'

  • Sapphy

    For me, when they sing "Listen, obey and be blessed" I hear "Listen, obey, be depressed"

    I think that's much more accurate.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Here is the Intro by Anthony Morris III

  • cedars

    Amelia - thanks so much for that, you're a star!


    I don't think releasing capital by selling assets is a sign of financial woes.......

    Are you serious? Remember this is a religious organization we're talking about (or at least one professing to have religious aspirations). Surely liquidating assets by shutting down branch after branch when their aim is global expansion IS a sign of financial woes? I'm not saying it necessarily has anything to do with this video, it was just a throwaway remark - but it certainly wouldn't surprise me if the shortness of the film was down to the budget running dry.


  • Sapphy

    Anthony Morris III

    Im so glad they defined that he is Anthony Morris the third. All along I thought he was Anthony Morris IV!


    He mentioned the governing body 3 times in 2 mins. Jesus 0.

  • mindseye

    Gotta love how Morris holds up "My Book of Bible Stories" and says "What a godsend this proved to be!" That book probably planted the seeds of my rebellion against the Watchtower- seeing the temper of old Jah fully illustrated sealed the deal. I never got baptized and kept away from the Bible for a while. Thanks for the push, GB!

  • cedars

    Sapphy - Yes, I find his insistence on having "III" after his name very pretentious too. It's hardly befitting of a man professing humility.

    I love the way the video starts with him staring at children's pictures on the wall in an "Oh cameraman, you've just interrupted me looking at these pictures! Oh well, while you're here..." sort of way. Soooo fake.


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