New DVD "Become Jehovah's Friend"

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  • Sapphy

    I thought the video captured perfectly the joyless, soul crushing experience a JW childhood brings.

    Being made to throw away toys worldy reletives had bought because they were related to something magical? Check

    Being made to feel guilty because something you did made Jehovah sad? Check

    Constantly being told to be obedient? Check.

    They captured mind control well. To be totally realistic they should have show the kid getting spanked after walking on the clean floor, then being made to clean it by himself.

  • cedars

    The "Caleb" character is actually quite believable and loveable, coming across as innocent and genuine. The "Mom" character, however, is almost deliberately fake, conniving and manipulative. It really grates on me how she at first expresses pleasant surprise when she sees the toy, but almost immediately begins plotting how to wrest the toy from her son's affectionate grip. Truly awful stuff.


  • cantleave


    So glad my kids don't have to suffer this level of control!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I thought the video captured perfectly the joyless, soul crushing experience a JW childhood brings.
  • elderelite

    Gawd..... Capturing the avg dubbie kids upbringin is soooo right!!!! And this is what they think is good and attractive to share wth people...? No, they dont want this shown to worldly people, only to kids of already stuck in dubbies.

    I think the very best thing we can do is share this with worldly people. At every oportunity, unaltered, just as it is. We need to Get a hard copy and rip it, throw it up on you tube and every other hostig site we can think of and let people see exactly what the are getting when they talk to dubbies at the door. I would love go see this shown on primetime tv or cartoon network. This is the best evidance yet of the ineptitude of the "new" gb. If this is directed by holy sprit then the desert god must have been half asleep

  • Chariklo

    I agree with everything everyone has said on this.

    Cedars, I share your horror and revulsion at this film. Its approach to children is psychologically so damaging. It could be retitled "How to completely mess people up."

    Instill enough guilt into a child and you've made him emotionally incapable for life. The JW's are not alone in suffering this kind of guilt trip, but they're unique in my experience to have it hammered into them at this level.

    As to whether it's aimed at kids or adults...I'd say it's meant for both, and for families in general. It hits at everyone. It has the same messages that run through all the Watchtowers, all the assemblies and Conventions, all the talks, everything. Mum wears skirt, not trousers, for any kind of worship. Everyone obeys Dad. Dad is what other group of people are Heads important? JW are obsessed with Heads and Obedience.

    The really scary thing is that so many JW's do live like this. I know very many families that operate in this way, and people who think just like this, one family of four children where a 5-year-old actually gives a talk in the KH. These poor children, 2 boys and 2 girls, the girls prettified, the boys all formally dressed like little men, all of them looking as though they wouldn't dare smile. None of them older than 6.

    Cedars is right, Caleb is, astonishingly, apparently a nice little boy who makes ordinary friendships and actually wants to play like an ordinary boy. Yes, he is lovable. I felt really sorry for him, and angry on his behalf. Poor little boy. OK, I know he's a cartoon....

    Is there a link for the opening talk, and for the singing at the end? I haven't been able to watch either yet.

    Cedars, I'm very glad you've sent it to the press.

  • WTWizard

    I tried becoming his friend, but all he ever did was expect ever more out of me and refused to do a damn thing for me. Instead, I was supposed to pious-sneer, give up my hope of a life, and waste it all waiting. And that lame excuse that I was doing something wrong--I thought a real friend would let me know himself what I am doing wrong and fix it, not keep adding ever more demands to the list.

    Now I gave up on that, realizing that Jehovah never was anything more than my enemy. And never will be. Rather than trying to befriend someone that demands so much, I am now trying to befriend his Nemesis, Satan. At least Satan doesn't demand me to give up everything that is human nature, fight against natural law, and work ever harder like Jehovah did. No more wasting time attending boasting sessions. No more wasting time for field circus every day. No more endlessly worrying about every little thing I like by way of music or movies. No more wasting my time worrying about not hitting the "wrong" site online.

    As to whether I succeed or not, at least I will not be doing Jehovah any favors. And, it is more about such things like the filthy angels disrupting my connection to Satan, being forced against my will to do a stupid mission in Nigeria or return to the Kingdumb Hell, or that I am just plain too damn degenerated (possibly because of a past life as a deep Christian or Muslim, or parents that destroyed my relationship with Satan at a young age and now it is nearly impossible to fix it). But not because I am still not doing quite enough.

    And by the way, I disliked the video because it instills on children that every innocent act is a disaster waiting to happen. You are supposed to never have any fun. Instead, everything you do is what your parents insist on your doing--usually getting up early for field circus, never playing at all, keeping quiet, studying your washtowel rag instead of your homework or for your math test, and rubbish like that. Failure to do so is supposed to always result in Disaster--in real life, the worst that can happen is taking a dust mop and cleaning a minor mess (in reality, 15 seconds) or having something out of place that will take a few extra minutes to find it later. I will not be wasting my time watching this kind of rubbish. At least the videos on missionary work in Nigeria highlight what a waste of time it would be. And, videos on opening chakras or other spiritualism (and Satanism) are actually worth watching.

  • NewChapter

    Cedars! that was beautiful---freezing the pics the way you did. It says sooo much.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Mother: Caleb, I realize the draw of the supernatural upon young minds and hearts, but you must resist the efforts of the Wicked One. He seeks you as his prey, and once he gets his talons into you, he will sweep you away from the loving embrace of the Organization.

    Caleb: Your concern for my spiritual welfare is well intentioned, I'm certain, Mother; however, Jehovah has given all his creatures free will, and that would include Wacky Wizard. We converse at great length and he has revealed to me that the true power of the universe lies within his tiny, wizened hands.

    Mother: I'm afraid, son, that Satan is talking to you through the Wiz! Please hand him over to me immediately. I propose to burn him before he possesses your body. It would appear that he's already overtaken your heart. Give him to me now, Sweetheart.

    Caleb: You're overreacting, Mother. During Family Worship, since its inception after the summary dismissal of book study, Father has sought to wield a strong and unreasoning hand in the spiritual direction our little family takes. As a failed elder, Father seeks to establish himself as spiritual mentor and unchallenged autocrat in this household. Of course, as the submissive helpmeet, you, Mother, are expected to follow through with his directives by the employment of positive reinforcement of so-called theocratic mores.

    Mother: It would seem, Caleb, that you own a not inaccurate but, yet, somewhat jaded view of your parents' role in all matters spiritual. I have to admit that I, too, am drawn to the dark side. Naturally, I have learned to keep my counsel as your father can become irrational and combative when I endeavor to make a point.

    Caleb: I commiserate with you, Mother. Father is merely a puppet and does what he thinks best. Nevertheless, I must follow my heart and do as Wacky Wizard so lovingly directs. He is Jehovah's mouthpiece, of that I have no doubt.

    Mother: Godspeed, Son. I'll do my best to help Father understand that even minor children have freedom of choice ...

  • puffthedragon

    If anyone wants to see the singing clip, roll your mouse over the video and in the top right "More info" and an arrow will come up. click it and the click on the name Melvin63954 and it will take you to his youtube channel and the top choice is currently the singing part. I don't know about the GB talking to kids part, I haven't found it yet.

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