2012 Convention Releases

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  • cedars

    My initial thoughts on the releases having not looked at them yet...

    A DVD teaching children to "listen and obey"?? And we're not a cult? Hmmm.

    A brochure teaching bible studies what to expect at the Kingdom Hall? That might offer a few chuckles, we shall see. Cue stereotypical illustrations of how to dress, etc.

    On the up side - NO NEW NWT!!

    Phew, I don't need to revise all my articles, at least for another year. I bet jwfacts is immensely relieved.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    tweaking the NWT and releasing it to a captive audience is a low-cost "no-brainer" revenue enhancer for a cash-strapped organization, don't you think?

  • obarac

    Fatherless child

    can you scan a few images of new broshures?

  • cantleave
    the actually have a disclaimer about the violence on the back of the dvd saying that its not a glorification of violence but just a depiction of what had happened.

    That gives every JW an excuse to watch "300"

  • babystar_jr

    Please download Slovenian NWT Bible.


    Copyright 2009.

    Introduction pages.

    Few footnotes.

    Expansion appendix edition.

  • babystar_jr

    also Kirghiz NWT..
  • Flox

    Can someone scan a few images of new releases, please?

  • obarac

    Yes please ...

    I would like to see images of new releases ...

    Last year Yknot gave us some info and images ...

    Where is he?

  • hamsterbait

    So they depict violence then say they are not doing anything wrong as it is just "showing what happened"

    What about all the bangin' in the Babble.

    David and Bath Sheba, Solomon with all those concubines and wives, lot with his daughters, the gang rape by Benjamins Tribe, the sodomy in Sodom. It would certainly only show what actually happened.


  • processor

    Here's a scan of the new children's DVD (Witchtower edition)

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