2012 Convention Releases

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  • FatherlessChild

    about the dvd. it is a special edition of a series of animated videos the watchtower is now producing. they will be avaliable on the jw.org site.

    during this convention alot of attention was put towards using the jw.org site. they stressed that this was the sole channel that they were using to spread literature on the internet.sites like this and even jwtalk were strongly discouraged.

    i found the brochure about jehovahs witnesses to be informative. they even show how the literature is translated and published.

    if a new translation of the bible comes out tommorow i will be damned. i dont beleive it. i think a new book for the congregation bible study will come out.

  • slimboyfat

    Do they have anyone who is capable of revising the NWT?

  • ssn587

    One thing to look for in the revision is how thw word of god or jehoover is replaced by the governing bodice. Cynical i

    Know but don't they do that anyway.

  • Gayle

    Weren't they just handing out a huge number of Bibles with the "Manhattan Project" in their street work?? Maybe trying to get rid of thousands of old NWTs??

  • Wonderment

    Slimboyfat said: "Do they have anyone who is capable of revising the NWT?"

    If they feel there is a need for updating their translation, they WILL find someone capable of revising the NWT, even if they had to pay an outsider to do it. We would never get to know the intimate details of any of their projects.

    There are some on this board, who believe the WTS never had anyone capable for the translation project, or that the Society cannot come up with someone competent to revise their version, but that is not likely. While some scholars hate the NWT (Read: W. Martin, Julius Mantey, Barclay), other scholars who reviewed the NWT never questioned their competence, they just questioned some of their translation choices. It is mostly Evangelicals and some ex-Witnesses spreading this FUD of NWT incompetence.

    By the way, I am an ex-Witness. Over 20 years now, away, and have never stepped back to a Kingdom Hall or Convention, nor would I want to. But, if a new revised edition of the NWT gets published, I will certainly check it out with the same scrutiny I pay other Bible translations.


  • Iamallcool

    I would like to see pics of the new releases so I can id them when I visit my parents home sometime this summer. Thanks!

  • factfinder

    Welcome Fatherless Child!

    Is the brochure about jws a replacement of the previous jw brochure-who are they? What do they believe which came out in 2000 or a replacement of the 1986 brochure: JWs-Unitedly Doing God's Will Worldwide?

    If there was no book released Friday or Saturday it is not likely there will be one released on Sunday.

    If I remember correctly the last time a new book was released on Sunday was in 1984.

    Am I correct about this?

    If there is no new book released it could be indicative of further cutting costs in printing.

    But there were a few years before when there was no book release.

  • MrFreeze

    Another horrible crappy DVD, hooray.

    And a revised NWT? Wait, don't JW's say they have the best translation ever? Or is that Jeopardy that said that? Oh well, who cares...

  • MrFreeze

    blondie, not sure how that would work with pdf's but with the new WT Library, maybe there is a way to put each verse in an excel spreadsheet and then you just remove duplicates?

  • factfinder

    Was the DVd released on Sunday at the END of the convention the past two years?

    If so, who knows? Since the DVD was released Saturday maybe a new book WILL be released on Sunday afternoon?

    I guess we will find out very shortly!

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