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  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith
    She certainly got persecution. Are you proud of that?

    She was never, ever actually persecuted. She just thought she was.I never condone ACTUAL persecution of anyone. If you can show me ONE instance where N.drew was actually persecuted, I'll come right out and admit was was dreadfully wrong. (Not doing a very good job of ignoring me, BTW, James.)

    Yes, she pushed and prodded, goaded, baited and provoked.....anything to pick a fight.
    Then when she got it, cried persecution.
    She loved every minute of it.


  • james_woods


  • tec

    And like james_woods said I believeeveryone has the capacity to love for real. I think I never said they didn't.
    I said humankind loves because humankind (I believe-I know you don't and I won't argue that either so please don't post because I won't answer it about this what I'm saying now) is made in The God's image.
    It is OK that you do not believe that. But it is hardly OK that you might wish to take away my right to believe what I want to believe and what I will believe.

    Those comments were on this thread, and they came after her attempts to make the following point:

    The point she was making about rejecting love/god is a common, albeit not universal one, from some theists. That humankind loves because we are made in the image of God, without him creating us with this ability to love, we would not know love... whether we think believe in or know him, or not.



  • mrsjones5

    Whatever...don't care...done.

  • james_woods

    Dont care being the operative word, Ms. Jones.

    I do happen to care.

    Thank you, Tec.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith
    Breck, this is a person in deep trouble. Don't take it personally.

    I don't. Don't get me wrong. While her deletion was well-deserved, I'm much more fired up about people excusing and defending her awful behavior, attacks, and abuse. When people defend her abusive behavior, it belittles all of the other people who were the targets of her abuse. That's not fair. At all.

    It makes me upset when people make excuses for bad behavior and abuse. There you go.

    I don't doubt for a second that N'drew is a deeply troubled individual. Kind of like how you would expect a wolf to bite you. The wolf bit you because it's wild and it's in its nature. that being the case, would you let a wolf roam freely around a public place, and then make excuses for it when it attacks someone?

  • NewChapter

    I just have to LOL. I leave, come back, and this thread monster has grown. But here is what I find perplexing.

    N.Drew called Mrs. J a bitch. There was nothing ambiguous about it, and from what I could tell, no real reason for it. She simply said Mrs. J was a bitch. It was a short post and to the point. Mrs. J is a bitch.

    But then Tec hears it, and thinks it must have meant something else. Because she has an opinion of N.Drew, and maybe this bit of infor does not fit in with her belief of N.Drew. That N.Drew would just call Mrs. J a bitch.

    I think about the many bible discussions I have had with Tec, and it occurs to me that maybe this is just the way she processes things. The reason I repeatedly said that N.Drew call Mrs. J a bitch, is because that is what she did---no interpretation. But somehown, this very clear thought is getting lost in the preconceived notion of who N.Drew was and what she was capable of. Just like when we discuss the bible and Tec will say she does not accept certain parts, or regardless of how clear something is written, it must have meant something different.

    This has been eye opening, and a little bit confusing, but I think I'm starting to understand. Things written can be changed when a person does not want to accept what is before their eyes.

    N.Drew also told me F**K you, but that thread got locked. It was clear and concise----but I'm sure that won't prevent someone from arguing differently.


  • palmtree67
    When people defend her abusive behavior, it belittles all of the other people who were the targets of her abuse.


  • mrsjones5

    Don't care if you care either James. Done.

  • talesin

    LKL, I agree with your post, and do not think for one second that I did not let her know when she crossed my personal boundaries. At that point, I disengaged.

    You have a valid point. We should not be required to 'tiptoe' around anyone.

    btw, you have a PM. :)



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