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  • mrsjones5

    Well the start of the conversation was "a guy I know down it Florida..."

  • james_woods

    Like I said - she was brilliant.

    And she still has most of you fighting with one another.


  • botchtowersociety

    Tal and NewChapter:

    There is a difference between faith and politics. The former is a private matter and has no effect on me, while the latter does. A person's private faith, or lack thereof, does not pick my pocket or break my leg. It does me no injury whatsoever. Politics, where it seeks to establish coercive control over us, is cultism writ large and enforced by the threat of death.

    I am probably on the same page as JWoods.

  • tec

    Y'all are assuming I'm here for everything, or that I am supposed to champion everyone. That whole craziness that continued on this thread, well I wasn't around for a lot of it... I was at work, watching movies with my boys, at work again... then she was banned. I spoke for N.Drew because there were many voices against her, and not all of those voices were innocent, though they acted it. Ganging up. One on one... this is just not my job. I mean, when did that even happen... last night or the night before? But I had clearly stated before that, that the name-calling was wrong.

    It was unfair to call Mrs. J a bitch. Nancy seemed to be in self-destruct who cares mode... and Mrs. J got caught in that cross-fire. I said already that it was unfair. I haven't championed every instance of a jab sent N.Drew's way either.

    Side point: When a conflict seemed to arise between Nancy and NC, I stated TO Nancy, that NC was just championing Palm against nancy because of what she had seen, herself... in the exact same way as I had championed Nancy against others because of what I had seen, myself.

    But I guess that is still biased.



  • cofty

    James are you trying to take up N.drew's mantle?

  • NewChapter

    Look, I give a lot of leeway for needy personalities. I can be patient. There have been a lot of comparisons to ND as to a child, which I think is fair since she had a lot of childlike traits.

    I make room for children. It doesn't mean that at times, I am not annoyed by their behavior, but I'm the adult, so I am better at coping. If I visit friends with children, I tolerate frequent interuptions. Then are children after all. But when the entire focus becomes about the child and their bad behavior, and the parent does not separate the child, then my only option is to entertain this disgusting dynamic, or leave. I leave.

    I ignored much of what ND said. I even tried to say nice things to her, and at one time she called me a kindred spirit. I tried to give her a lot of space. But when everything became about her all the time, and she became abusive, it became too much. When it continued, and she had supporters to her atrocious behavior, when I saw her dividing people and gathering them in 'teams', and when I saw friends fighting because of her antics---well I thought about just leaving for a while.

    Gratefully an adult stepped in and took the misbehaving child from the room. Now we can talk again, and hopefully this will die down very soon and we can carry on.

    These pages are just proof of how deep her disruption went. Defend her if you like. You are the kind of parent that allows the child to ruin a perfectly good visit. Those parents get lonely when friends start avoiding them. I've had friendships seriously weakened because I could never have a conversation with them, and instead was forced to listen to their children rule the roost and not allow the adults to do anything but pay attention to them. I find it disgusting, and sad.


  • mrsjones5

    Darling there was no crossfire. When you say that you're making it out like it was just an oopsie. Nancy knew what she was doing and who she was saying it to. She did it twice! I would ask you to stop defending her but at his point I don't think you can or really want to . So be it. I get it, I so get it.

  • james_woods

    Tammy, I was just joking when I said you should be banned.

  • NewChapter

    The former is a private matter and has no effect on me, while the latter does.

    Yeah, tell that to the nice gay couple that would like to get married.


  • talesin

    BTS,, I don't discuss religion, I discuss mental health!



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