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  • ammo

    Hi LMSA


    I'm feeling for you reading all this

    I wish you the best with your choices, and baby

    Ammo :)

  • sd-7

    Wow. So sorry to hear that. This highlights what I found out myself through personal experience in a judicial committee--whether or not you're truly repentant really doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is how the organization looks in the public eye. If a sin is too public, they feel a need to expel the person regardless of their attitude. And yes, the gossip has a lot to do with this sort of thing, so I'm sorry to see yet another victim of that sort of unchristian behavior.

    I'll have to send you a PM (a message for the little blue envelope in the top right corner of your screen, but you probably figured that out already). If you're talking about Georgetown University in Washington, DC, well, that's in my area. Cool!

    Well, I don't know what your feelings are about the organization as a whole, but maybe being here on this site might prove very helpful in whatever decisions you make as far as your future with the Witnesses and your family. At least being informed is one of the best things you can do in this situation; otherwise you might be needlessly tormenting yourself emotionally without knowing why.

    Anyway, oh, and congratulations on your motherhood. Nothing compares to the birth process; it's something every human should get the chance to see (well, maybe not the surgical details, but...the baby part, I mean). I hope that proves to be a joyful and inspiring experience for you.


  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Welcome Emilie.

    Congratulations on seeing the new light about the truth. Best wishes for you and your baby.

  • Bella15

    Hola! Bienvenida!

    Hi, Welcome! So happy that you will continue your studies abroad thou! I have been to Georgetown and Virignia area ... you will love it - be prepared for cold winters ...and in case you want to come to visit Houston, TX just contact me. Mi casa es su casa. Once you live here in the USA your point of view will change dramatically and you may not even want to ever be associated to JWs again, well except your mother, but here it is a different world!!! You'll be a mother soon, congratulations!

    My dear child, breaks my heart to see you dealing with all that JW stuff while you're expecting your baby. I have 2 children, they are teenagers now. Babies are so cute. Please if you ever need some kind of support here USA, contact me. Don't feel you don't have no one else here.

    You'll have a lot to deal with in the upcoming months, take care of yourself and the baby.


  • sd-7

    Emilie--check your PMs. Just wrote you a message.


  • Londo111

    Welcome, Emilie.

    Be careful sharing too many identifying details. Bethel does monitor this board.

  • sd-7

    Well, what is Bethel going to do to someone who's already been DF'd...may I ask? That is the limit of their power. There's an innate fear that comes with this sort of thing, but geez, they're not literally stormtroopers, just metaphorically stormtroopers...


  • Londo111

    They or a zealous local elder who took it upon himself to monitor could hinder her plans for reinstatement…if they pieced together who she was.

  • ziddina

    Sounds like an excellent plan!!!

    Just one thing...

    Please tell me that isn't YOUR picture that you've used as a "gravatar"...

    Active Jehovah's Witnesses show up on here - even in the "Members Only" section - sometimes just to spy on people and report back to THEIR elders...

    Heck, even ELDERS come creeping on here incognito, and some of them ARE looking for people to expose...!!!

    So, if that's your REAL face, I STRONGLY suggest that you change your "gravatar".

    Flowers are nice...

  • tootired2care

    I understand why you need to this, and hope it works out for you. It probably won't be to bad getting re-instated for you because as a women you won't get hounded into cong responsibilities, and you can just chill in the background for your appearances until the announcement. My advice is to talk to others around the information board before the meeting so the important elders notice that you're there, it may help to speed process up slightly.

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