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  • rebel8

    lol @ 'huge bolder of salt'

  • Retrovirus

    It is a privilege to have a cyber doctor on JWN, let others avail themselves of the opportunity my presence offers, It will definitely help the healing process.

    Self-appointed and unqualified quack. We need a register to strike you off . . .

  • Nice_Dream

    Hi raxxxx, I was in a similar place 2 years ago. I believed this religion 100%, it was all I knew for 26 years of life! I was afraid I was letting Satan fool me too, so I prayed to Jehovah daily to let me know if I was on the right path or not. I also read another Bible translation without the Watchtower goggles on and got a different perspective.

    Take your time, read, and pray. Your answer will come to you!

    Also, many people feel depressed when they are making huge life adjustments. You are questioning your belief system which is no small thing! I felt like my world shattered, and the foundation my life was built on was a lie. It takes time to rebuild your life, but it sounds like you're at a perfect age to start creating yours. All the best to you!

  • ShadesofGrey

    You are confused, afraid of Satan and you are praying for help. Please read examples of prayer in the Bible. This was such a help to me.

    Matthew 6:9-13

    Luke 11:2-4

    1 Corinthians 1:2

    Revelation 22:20

    Acts 7:59

    Acts 4

    I will add my own prayers to yours,

    Love, Shades

  • DesirousOfChange

    Such two-faced behavior makes me VERY, VERY leery of him...

    Can you say BI POLAR?


    Nice Dream: I felt like my world shattered, and the foundation my life was built on was a lie.

    Very good description of it. Still in transition here personally.


  • ziddina
    "Can you say BI POLAR?..."

    Yes I can!!!


    However, BOTH of MY parents were Bi-Polar, and I NEVER saw THAT much dichotomy in their personalities and behavior...

    I think it's something more than just "bi-polar" - or as I love using the older term, "manic depressive"...

    Perhaps schizophrenia???


  • 3rdgen

    Raxxxx, You are getting very good advice here. This same advice is helping my husband and me as well. We only recently decided this religion

    is not being used by God and nodoubt never was. The never was part is the hardest to deal with for us. For me it's like finding out that your family

    has kept a secret your whole life-You are adopted. It becomes not only a matter of what to do but who can I trust? How do I leave the only family I've

    ever known?Who am I? You can leave this organization but it's much harder to get the ideas, guilt and fear of the organization out of you. I'm seeing a

    therapist who is helping a lot. Read, think, repeat. You are not alone!

  • ShadesofGrey
    The never was part is the hardest to deal with for us.

    Yes, me too. I kept reading older publications thinking that they had just lost their way.

  • 3rdgen

    Yes, Shades of Grey, We kept thinking that the WTS is Gods Org who have become like the bad kings of Isreal

    until I asked hubby and myself the question : then exactly what years were they teaching the WHOLE truth?

    Russel had a kinder, gentler view but he also taught that HE was the "faithful and wise servant" Then we have

    the Rutherford years that turned a Sincere group of Bible students into rabid JW's dragging around phonographs

    Blaring hateful speeches. All the while he was an alcoholic who also said HE was the "faithful and discrete steward"

    Next we have the Knorr-F Franz years where the concept of the "faithful and discrete slave"(NWT) being an
    ORGANIZATION came to be. These years weren't better though. The 1975 debaucle, the Blood doctrine, The Malawai travesty rules out those years as well. The years after Knorrs death didnt produce ANY reform either - only more false predictions that they lie about ever saying. God HATES liars. No it never was used by God and that's a bitter pill to swallow. But the sooner we accept reality the sooner we can get on with what's left of our lives!

  • Balaamsass

    You have gotten good advice. 3rd Gen and I have had some lively discussions. For years I believed 98% of what I was taught. An older Branch Overseer admonished me "Follow the scriptures, and take some of what you hear the GB say with a grain of Salt, remember they are imperfect men". That worked OK for 40 years. But the more I saw, the more JESUS words came into my mind: "By thier FRUITS you shall recognize them". Using simple common sense, and just reading what Jesus SAID, it became obvious the Watchtower Society "Governing Body" are like the Bad Kings of Isreal and the Pharasees of Jesus day, binding heavy loads on everyone but themselves, and "spiritually killing" or banishing everyone who disagrees with them.

    7 years ago I just chalked EVERYTHING up to human imperfection and told the wife and some discouraged JWs friends "Oh Well, 80% of the Isrealite Kings were bad" should we expect any different today?" "People are People". "Wait on Jehovah".

    This year with the newest, newest, newest, newest, "Light", and the KrAZY Rabid talk about anyone simply "weak" or having "Doubts" being "mentally deseased APOSTATES worthy of death", the big move upstate from Brooklyn, N.Y. to "Jonestown" NY., and the $$ grabbing, THEY FORCED me AWAKE to the fact I was in what has become a cult and needed to re-examine EVERYTHING I had learned in the last 50 years from the rainbow of WT books on our bookshelves. (I donated 1,800 lbs of WT Lit. to recycle). What will be the final result? I do not know. BUT we already feel like a huge weight is off our shoulders. I read my bible daily, pray, read a broader range of material, and have a much greater appreciation for Christ and the ransom.

    The final result? I Do not know. We are already happier and less judgemental. I am still a servant of Jehovah and Jesus..just not volunteer labor for a publishing company run by some wacky self appointed messiahs. Be glad it isn't taking you 50 years to cross this road.

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