Are you sure leaving is a wise decision ?- Lurkers think twice- Part 2

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  • poopsiecakes

    This has to be the most frustrating run around of the obvious...why anyone would vehemently advocate living a lie and teaching their children what they know to be lies is beyond my comprehension. Human connections (including family) come and go over the course of a lifetime and when those connections are based on false and transient feelings because of brainwashing there's not much to cling to anymore.


  • mankkeli

    Found Sheep - How many ex-Jws have used their freedom beneficially?. Jws could also tell you that they are free from the fear of dying, losing loved ones and et al because of their belief in ressurection. So freedom is relative

  • mrsjones5

    So exjws have freedom and jws do not? Why would I want to choose not to have freedom?

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna pet a Lion in Jehovah's New System......


    Yeah....... stay!!!!

  • jookbeard

    dont bet on it Manky, those who have enforced a cruel and unusual punishment in withholding life giving medical aid to loved ones , or have been secret child abusers for years and taken these horrid secrets to their grave? resurrection? give me a break.

  • outsmartthesystem

    "Changes in doctrine is not a big deal, Ask yourself, Has the overlapping flip flops killed anyone?. It doesnt kill anybody, It makes you stronger, monotony is boring"

    Wrong. Changes in doctrine have killed/mamed/hurt people. How about all the children that sacrificed their lives for the borg rather than accept a blood "fragment" that is now considered acceptable? How about the atrocities that occurred in Malawi over a stupid political card?

    And change in doctine IS a big deal when you claim to be the only true religion.......change in doctrine is a big deal when you take one scripture (Prov 4:18) grossly out of context and apply it to yourself as if it was written as a future prophecy in order to give yourself a safety net for all past and future times you'll be wrong...........change in doctrine is a big deal when looked at in conjunction with the way they interpret Matt 24:45-47.

    But......this shall (hopefully) be my last post on your thread. The fact that you admitted "overlapping flip flops" and that you think indecisiveness is ok because "monotony is boring" proves that you are not a JW.....but annoying troll

  • ABibleStudent

    mankkeli - . . . Here in Northern Europe, we have received reports of many ex-Jws who terminated their lives because of the difficulty of coping in the outside world., these reports are becoming numerous lately and I wouldnt want anyone to walk down that hideous path because of an aggresive need for ”freedom”. I repeat again, of what value is that freedom if it comes along with loneliness, depression, sleepness night and many horrible circumstances?. Please tell me what is the big deal about that freedom?. You may think there is light at the end of the tunnel, but you may not even survive the journey to see that light.

    Unfortunately for most of these victims, their therapist had little or no knowledge about what really goes in the JW religion, so the assistance they offered didnt prove very helpful, they were completely handicapped in helping the matter, they couldnt comprehend what such terms as armaggedon, inactive publishers and many more mean, so their help was not so practical.

    Hi mankkeli, where are you getting your information from? Is it only from the WTBTS? If you cannot prove what you say with quanitative and independent evidence, then you are as trustworthy as the WTBTS and just as informed as a talking parrot.

    The WTBTS is a publishing and distribution corporation that enslaves its members with thought reform techniques. That is not just my opinion but is based on knowledgable people (i.e., Steve Hassan) independently researching dangerous cults and having open discussions about dangerous cults with other people. I would love to see an open and honest discussion occur in a KH about blood, child abuse, shunning, etc. Why would anyone want to waste their lives slaving for other men? Life is too precious to waste!

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • mankkeli

    outsmartthesystem - Ask yourself has JWN remained thesame since 2001?, No, It has changed. What could remain thesame in 133 years?, Please be sincere with yourself, you rightly acknowledge that only change is permanent in life, isnt it?. "Change" is a tool, It is the price we pay for growth and development, So, How should the JW organisation be exempted from utilising this tool?. If it has to grow and develop. It shouldnt be expected to remain stagnant.How do you expect an organization governing the religious activity of about 7million people not respond to changes. You know very well that govt policies, human behaviour and the environment are not static, they respond t change at all times, so you shouldnt expect a multinational corporation to be stationary.

  • isojourn

    Mankelli. I'm not sure what your point is. You say it's to empower people in cults not to leave. Most of us have left. We HAVE thought about it, long and hard. We HAVE made our decisions and stand by it.

    Your repetitive speech lacks any insight, intelligence and is a moot attempt at accomplishing anything...because you're not changing anything.

    If we say we're happy, we're happy. If that answer isn't convincing enough for your 'purpose', from hundreds of posts. Then you're at a loss.

    Maybe you feel empty yourself and think the rest of us do. Maybe you work in the wrong field. Maybe you should go into social work or charity. Then maybe you can fulfill your honest and caring needs you speak of. Maybe you just want attention, or you're bored or are on the fence about leaving yourself. Either way you are wasting your time, and whatever you are doing is a waste of time.

    We don't really want a part of it.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Ask yourself mankkeli..... I have used my freedom very well thank you!!

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