Are you sure leaving is a wise decision ?- Lurkers think twice- Part 2

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  • Sayswho

    My first thoughts i usuall keep to myself...then after some thought and re reading or thinking i respond....BUT this time is have to say you are a buttHead...yes i am saying this to you!!! This is what u are 100%

    • It sounds like you would rather everyone be under someone's elses control...maybe like yours?...instead of being in control of themselves...FREEDOM----live free or die!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll be back to give you some more of what i think of you and your BS...If i choose to do so----so there!!

    • WHAT ARE U AFRAID OF----Quit trying to scare others in their quest for truth and freedom...I took the red pill!


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Nobody bitch-slaps like B the X.

    The OP is a total disaster of bad spelling and flawed logic.

    The same reasoning would apply to the Titanic. The passengers would have been far more comfortable to just return to their cabins rather than get in those uncomfortable lifeboats to leave the ship. After all, those people that get in the lifeboats are going to have to experience the tragedy of seeing all those other people perish. They'll have to be rescued and tell their frightful stories over and over. So much stress to endure! And in the end, they're going to die anyway. It may be decades later, but they'll still die. And they may survive on a lifeboat but later get divorced, or may experience depression after leaving the ship. Wouldn't they be far happier and more comfortable to just go back to their cabin and die?


  • ScenicViewer

    @ Billy, re the sinking Titanic

    Wow, that last post was very good. I doubt that Mankkeli will get it. He seems too wrapped up in what he will say next to listen to logic.

  • diamondiiz
    we have received reports of many ex-Jws who terminated their lives

    Are we talking about xjw who left wts knowing wts was a fraud or are we talking about xjw who believed wts and were df and in weak state of mind thought that they would die at Armageddon or that they displeased God in such a way that there was no foregiveness?

    Those who learn wts is a fraud, have a responsibility to others not to preach the cancer and infect innocent people! Whether they decide to leave the cult and start life over it's up to them and how they go about it may vary from one to another based on their circumstances. But to encourage those not believing in the cult to stay because they may not find something better outside is just wrong. With the amount of effort required to pretend to belief the pure bullshit and be fake to so called friends it might take less effort on the individual's part to leave and find real friends.

    Just because Ray Franz was a humble man, doesn't mean that all of us agree with how he left but that was his decision probably based on belief that the cult could be reformed as he still believed in bible god. No life nor circumstances are the same and we live our OWN lives and should do what's best for us.

    therapist had little or no knowledge about what really goes in the JW religion,

    That's why forums like this one are so much better because we were in the cult and understand it.

    We all know that the rate of divorce is way much higher outside than in the borg.

    Even it that were true, it's better to terminate a miserable marriage and look for something better. Live is to short to appear happy to dubs in a KH and at home have nothing to do with the mate or cheat without others knowing. How many young ones get forced to marry in wts cult only to find disappointment!!!

    Choosing freedom is better by far. Stand tall and proud that you're not slaved to a concept you know is a lie!

  • outsmartthesystem

    Mankelli likes to take the Watchtower SOciety's stance when it comes to replying to facts/critical questions. He likes to only reply to certain ones and pretend the rest were never asked.

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    Mankkeli - Changes in doctrine is not a big deal, Ask yourself, Has the overlapping flip flops killed anyone?. It doesnt kill anybody, It makes you stronger, monotony is boring know you been out of the borg a long time when you see smoking crack has become "new light".

    Think About It

  • shamus100
  • sizemik
    Why do you use our terminology - "borg" mank? . . . cantleave

    Good question . . . isn't that undermining the Organisations credibility? You're a bad boy mank. "borg" indeed . . . wash your mouth out.

  • yourmomma

    has anyone brought up the possibility that mankilli is djeggnog? seems like they have similar delusions of grandor.

  • ziddina

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