Are YOU a Believer, Atheist, Agnostic, Active JW or WHAT?

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  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I guess I'd have to say that I'm a pagan athiest.

    I believe the universe and everything in it is divine in and of itself.

    Love pagan living, too. It's so healthy and green.

    Lovely festivals and traditions, too.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Agnostic inactive meeting attender here.

    Did you hear the one about the agnostic dyslexic insomniac?

    He lies awake at night wondering if there's a dog.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    inactive born-in JW atheist (of the agnostic creed). struggled with many teachings and practices from a very early age, did choose to become baptized for lack of other options, soon couldn't lie to myself anymore and started a - more or less - successful fade.

  • man oh man
    man oh man

    I am a believer, still in and weeding through what i believe from what i have been told to believe.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    The expression "Totally Religioned Out" would best describe my position - although I do still try to keep an open mind toward those occurrences that cannot be explained in any other way but spiritual.



    I was born in JW but never baptised. Now I fluctuate, after hearing one convincing arguement I may be athiest, sometimes I think there must be something greater out there. So I guess that describes an agnostic? Thats the great thing about having a free mind - I can change my mind as many times as I wish, no one judges.

    Arte :)

  • watersprout

    I was dragged in when I was three... Hate all religion and I have a very strong belief in God and His Son.


  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind

    I was agnostic before becoming a Witness and have returned to my agnostic beliefs. Though now I like to call myself a secular humanist because I believe in the human spirit, not any supernatural "holy spirit".

    Reopened Mind

  • cantleave


    Atheist after more reading than I thought possible and learning to think!

  • wobble

    Born in, in for 58 years, until 2008. I walked away from the JW nonsense and discovered all other religions are nonsense too.

    Now I do not " believe" in anything, if by belief it is meant putting your trust in something as true, without solid testable proof.

    I put my trust in certain things because they have the satisfactory ( to me) proof; anything else is on a par with beleiving in fairys, and I don't, delightful though they look in pictures.

    I do not label myself "Atheist"because people expect certain attitudes from you if you do, but I call myself a Compassionate Humanist.

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