Dec 15 2011 WT: We don't care if you have a f***ing BRAIN TUMOR get your a$$ out in service!!

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  • sizemik

    I grapple with multiple health problems and a terminal illness . . . this crap totally offends me . . . totally.


    I'm going to bed.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    It has been said that cults shoot their wounded but in the Watchtower's case, they flog them to death.

  • DaCheech

    gotta put in your 15minutes.

  • shamus100

    Shaming at it's finest. ;D


    You should be out in service - you just aren't doing enough. That is what they are saying to people. Can you imagine?

  • clarity

    The depression from "not being able to do as much as I used to when I was younger" ... was awful!

    So much guilt and stress! Especially reading crap experiences like these!

    Glad to be over it.

    Wish all the jdubs going around & around on the hampster wheel, would just jump off!


  • shamus100

    Why do you think so many JW's are on anti-depressants? Hello!!! ;D The world against us, you never do enough, you pile of filth, look at what everyone else is doing.

    Keep gobbling down that Paxil, Jobie Nitwits. It'll make the 'religion' tolerable.

  • mrsjones5

    My mother has gout and foot problems, my father has severe back pain, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Neither one of my parents should be out there trying to pioneer but almost every time I speak to my mother (my father no longer speaks to me) she talks about pioneering that month and how tired she is. My mother is 67 and my father is 70.

  • life is to short
  • TimothyT

    Im reading Galatians at the moment. It was written to a group of people who were forgetting what Jesus had done for them and were returning to the very hard and I would say, quite demeaning 613 part Mosaic Law. Very kindly, Jesus has given us only 2 laws to follow: Love God, Love Neighbour.

    When I read this kind of shizz in this article, i cant help but wonder why all these brothers and sisters, and so many brothers and sister i knew, ACTIVELY OVERWORKED themselves for other people and completely forget to care for themselves. I know of brothers who wipe themselves out for the sake of preaching the good news. To me, it mirrors what i read in Galatians. The brothers seem to be forgetting that Jesus doesnt want us to focus on so many tiring little laws and rules that we MUST comply to and obey. That would be tedious and tiring. Yet isnt that exactly what being a Jehovahs Witness is about - Focusing on EVERY-LITTLE-THING WE CAN DO TO PLEASE JEHOVAH even if it involves tiring ourselves out and causing us more medical problems, like it did for me and so many others.

    Loving neighbour and loving God is so much more liberating. You can do what you can and when you want - no strings attached and no need to go crazy.

    Timmy xxx

  • Scully

    God forbid you take your doctors' advice by looking after yourself and putting your health first for a frikkin' change... you will be ostracized, castigated, verbally, socially, mentally and spiritually abused, gossiped about maliciously, and then when they're done with you, they'll scrape you off the bottoms of their boots like dog $h!t.

    The way they treat the ill - particularly people with mental illness - is deplorable. I've never been so glad to be away from that cult as when I read those Experiences™, which are more than likely complete confabulations.

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