Dec 15 2011 WT: We don't care if you have a f***ing BRAIN TUMOR get your a$$ out in service!!

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    A very long time ago .... When my three boys were very young 8,5,and 2 , I went through a severe depression . I was seeing a specialist and taking medication . I had horrible panic attacks that would then through me in to low moods of depression . I was missing quite a few meetings and service . I would force myself to get our home ready for the congregation book study that was held there on Monday nights .

    After a few months of not 'snapping out of it ' our book study conductor spoke to my husband about getting me back out in service and that 'He" would work with us as encouragement . (the real pressure I am sure was it didn't look good that I was so low in hours and yet the study was still being held in our home .Which in turn made him look bad ) So they talk me into going out on a Saturday in their car group after a very short time I told my husband 'I need to go home " ; Instead we were told to get one more door ........ I walked up to the door behind my husband in a full blown panic attack ,sobbing tears ....I hid my face behind him as he spoke to the householder . When he turned around and saw how emotionally in pain I was ,he felt terrible . He took me back to the car and told the Brother we were done for the day .

    I have to tell you that was hard to share ....but it just goes to show how FAR off Witnesses are from the love and kindness Jesus spoke of in the Bible . Their only agenda is to make the Publishing Company quota PERIOD . You do not matter . Thay do not care for you as a person , you are a slave expected to follow the agenda .

    Shamus You are So right that JWs need all the Paxil , Prozac and Xanax to help them deal with how dead inside this joke of a religion really makes them feel . Until they open their eyes they will continue to blame 'this old system' for their ailments .

    In our hall we had a sister with deformities from arthritis and she was always held up as an example for her aux service time ,it was always done in a way to shame any of the younger healthy ones as having no excuse compared to her .

    Guilt ,shame ,what a lovely way to worship .

  • shamus100

    Troubled Mind,

    You have a PM from a monkey. :D

  • MrFreeze

    The damaging effect articles like this cause, is awful. If you are looking to see why JW's are the most depressed people on earth... look no further than this.

  • shamus100

    This is no different than the usual drivel they vomit out day after day after day after day! NO DIFFERENT.

    As troubledmind said, they do nothing more than intimidate.

  • unshackled

    "I'm not dead....I'm getting better....I think I'll go in service..."

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Shamus you have a reply PM

  • shamus100

    Troubled Mind,

    You have another PM in your box. It's a little accusatory, a little bitter, and a little harsh. Remember, I am a harsh person by nature. ;p

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Trouble Mind,

    I had PTSD at the time and know exactly what you are talking about concerning panic attacks.

    They plagued me for a few years but mellowed out.

    It was due to a violent armed robbery.

    I'd roam the parking lot of the khall crying and sobbing because I had no access to the meetings and no one cared.

    I needed comfort and someone to talk to, also needed more access to the meetings at the time.

    I'd walk out of the hall mid-meeting but no one followed me out to see if I was okay.

    Screw 'em!

  • yourmomma

    Reminds me of when my wife was getting absolutly rolled by her fibro. so i am at the meeting and an elder starts talking to me about her missing a couple meetings, and I told her that she is barely able to lift her head after work, and I mentioned that i felt like I should go over the lesson with her from the metting. He told me not to, and to not discuss any of the contents of the meetings as to make her "want" to come to the meeting. I said, "the issue is not if she "wants" to come to the meeting, she cant get out of bed." The look in his eye was glazed over, like the idea of a person being unable to get out of bed cant even happen, and then points to his wife and says "my wife has fibro, and the best thing for that is to keep moving". It must have been a look on my face, cause he realized he was out of line, and started to back track, but by that point it was made clear to me that there was something very wrong going on. (at the time i couldnt put my finger on it, but now i know it was the fact that its a mothing fkking cult, lol)

    again, i say it all the time, but when i was going in the mid 90's, i knew several people with illnesses who were not at meetings that were treated well, cared for, and welcomed as fellow bro's and sis's.

    but now, its just not like that at all. in 2011, it doesnt matter what your circumstances are, doesnt matter how severe the illness is, there is simply not excuse to miss meetings or not going out in service.

    frankly, i wonder, if it will get to a point where death is not an excuse! LOL

  • exwhyzee

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