Dec 15 2011 WT: We don't care if you have a f***ing BRAIN TUMOR get your a$$ out in service!!

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  • itscrap&theyknowit!

    Hell!!! I had JUST had my baby on a Sunday! These were just SOME the questions my husband (an elder at the time) had for me by the 4th day:

    - When will you start back to Field Service?

    - what makes you think you can't still get your pioneer hours just because you just had a baby? Many sisters do it!

    - you know you can just sit in the car w/the baby while we are parked in the bank parking lot. As people come out, why don't you just hand them a tract?

    - do you preach to ALL that are non-JW to keep up your time?

    ......and like a DUMB-ASS, I was out there on the 4th day!!!! Stitches and all!! Proving that we were the cute and well Jehovah Witness-oriented cute couple! Stupid as hell when I look back on time in my life!

    I truly look back and now understand when people say, "WTF"!!!!!!

    Things like that have made me look back and proves my point that this organization is a CULT. It needs TOTAL CONTROL before your mind can be educated elsewhere.

  • Bella15


    Unbelievable!!!! I hope you situation is better now.

  • itscrap&theyknowit!

    @BELLA -

    Yessssssss! That was 15 years ago! I haven't been to the hall in over 6 years! That's how long it took me to wake up!

  • JustThatGirl007

    Oh, honey.... And I thought I was nuts going to the meeting at 6 days postpartum w/ my 2nd child.

    Then to the CO visit at 10 days w/ my 3rd child.

    Insane doesn't even TOUCH what we've all gone through and dealt with. F*cking ridiculous.

    Do not even get me started on the questions your husband asked you. I hope he has changed his ways.

  • blondie

    I remember all the years the WTS milked the guilt re the woman who preached in an iron lung.

    *** w03 9/1 p. 17 Trust in Jehovah Completely in Times of Distress ***“Not Even an Iron Lung Could Stop Her Preaching.”—Awake!, January 22, 1993.

    *** km 6/03 p. 7 par. 4 Disabled—Yet Fruitful ***Were you not encouraged by the life story of Laurel Nisbet, who was confined to an iron lung for 37 years yet helped 17 individuals to come to an accurate knowledge of Bible truth? In like manner, your example can inspire fellow believers to exert themselves in Jehovah’s service.—g93 1/22 pp. 18-21.

    *** w01 9/15 p. 17 par. 10 Jehovah’s Blessing Makes Us Rich ***Consider the example of Laurel, who was stricken with polio and lived in an iron lung for 37 years. In spite of her extremely trying circumstances, she served God zealously until her death. Over the years, Jehovah’s rich blessing overtook Laurel. For instance, she was able to help some 17 individuals to come to an accurate knowledge of Bible truth, even though she was confined to her machine 24 hours a day!

    *** km 8/96 p. 1 par. 3 No Letup in Declaring the Good News ***Modern-Day Examples of Preaching Without Letup: One sister, a victim of polio, was confined to an iron lung. She was not able to go to the Kingdom Hall or attend an assembly. But she was intensely occupied with declaring the good news. During her 37-year confinement, she was able to help 17 people learn the truth! How did she do it? Although unable to go from door to door, she found a way each day to witness informally to those who came in contact with her.

    *** g93 9/22 p. 9 Loneliness—Are You Determined to Fight It and Win? ***Take the case of Laurel Nisbet. She contracted polio and at 36 years of age was placed in an iron lung, where she lay flat on her back for 37 years. Totally paralyzed from the neck down, she could move her head, but that was all. At first she was sad beyond despair. Then, after about a day of self-pity, she decided, ‘Enough of that!’ She had two children to raise and a husband to care for. She began to rebuild her life; she learned to manage her home from an iron lung.

    Laurel slept very little. How did she pass the long nighttime hours? Giving in to loneliness? No. She prayed to her heavenly Father, Jehovah. Prayed for strength for herself, prayed for her Christian brothers and sisters, and prayed for opportunities to witness to others about God’s Kingdom. She devised ways to preach and impressed many by her witnessing for Jehovah’s name. She allowed no thistles of loneliness to grow; she was too busy tending the roses.

    *** g93 1/22 p. 18 Not Even an Iron Lung Could Stop Her Preaching ***Sometimes it takes courage just to keep living. This is the story of one who had such courage. Her name was Laurel Nisbet.

  • itscrap&theyknowit!

    @ JUST THAT GIRL007-

    Girl...No!!!!! He's going to the meetings looking all "forlorn" and "Oh, he's the poor brother who brings his kids to the hall all by his lonesome self." He luuuuuuuuvvvs the attention! Going to the assemblies all alone w/the kids and the whole 9 yards.

    Hell, as wives and mothers in this organization, you'd better have your butt in attendance and in field service! You're tired????? Soooooo, what's your point??!!!! Whew!!! And don't let hubby be an elder. Your life is HIS!!!!

    Oh, please believe me! He's living the 'double-life'! But,he attends the meetings faithfully and field service faithfully. So, I guess that negates the double-life.

    He talks about me behind my back like I'm a dirty-ass dog. I've been told how I am the "body of any Watchtower or lesson when it comes to apostate in the marriage" discussions. I really feel that why he HATES when I come to hear my daughter give a talk. He doesn't know what I'll say if someone makes an odd-ass comment while I'm there. I do know when I'M the topic of discussion and will nip it in the bud ON THE SPOT! He's NEVER supported my emotional being as a JW. I've learned to be hard due to this f***d up cult.

  • itscrap&theyknowit!

    @ TROUBLE MIN, @ WHITE DOVE, @ YOUR MOMMA ---- DAMN!!!!! Did we all attend the same congregation of elders or what??? OOOOPS!!!! My bad!! We were all in the same CULT!!!


    BTW - to the author of this post...EXCELLANTE!!! You've awakened the BEAST in us all!

  • baltar447

    When I would read $h!t like this when I was in, I'd think to myself "golly, I only have a wife who's depressed and small children and no one wants to work with us in service, but I don't have a BRAIN TUMOR!" So I'd feel guilty, even if I didn't DO more I still felt like dog crap.

    NOW I read this crap and it just pisses me off to no end. They don't show concern of honor to the "Grey-headed" ones, since they try to guilt them into doing more or pay no attention to them by the time they are useless to the borg.

  • JustThatGirl007

    itscrap&theyknowit! -- I am terribly sorry that you're living with that. :( I'm so grateful that Baltar447 & I have the same thinking on this f*cked up cult and left together, with our kids. I don't know how I would handle being unsupported. :(

    I hated service. Nobody ever offered to work with us, nobody ever offered to take one or the other of our older kids. When I was a kid, my mom dragged all 4 of us out by herself (dad was "too busy working" to go...) and nobody ever helped her, either. But she is still in. Madness.

  • WingCommander

    There is a term for all of this. The JW's call it, "Long Suffering". Remember that phrase?

    And most of the JW's justify such "long suffering" by figuring that the longer they suffer, the more likely they will wake up Paradise once they die. This is why such treatment and burden is put up's like they are proving how worthy they are of Everlasting Life. Too bad they don't read more of Jesus' promises instead of falling for all of the Governing Body's guilt trips and demands.


    - Wing Commander

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