Dec 15 2011 WT: We don't care if you have a f***ing BRAIN TUMOR get your a$$ out in service!!

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  • baltar447

    Oh dear sweet Jeebus:

    “I enjoy making return visits and helping out on Bible studies. On my better days, I like to witness from house to house.”—Barbara, who has a brain tumor.

    “I carry only a very light magazine bag. I stay out as long as my aching joints allow.”—Zbigniew, rheumatoid arthritis patient.

    “I like the door-to-door ministry, but when I am not feeling up to it, I engage in telephone witnessing.” —Izabela, suffers from clinical depression.

    “In addition to doing telephone witnessing, I write other brothers and sisters letters and regularly correspond with a few interested ones. While in the hospital,I always put the Bible and publications next to my bed. That has helped me to strike up many good conversations.”—Magdalena, diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus.

    “I can no longer walk by myself, so my wife or some other brothers and sisters accompany me in the ministry. I memorize presentations and Bible scriptures.” —Jerzy, visually impaired.

  • baltar447

    This is from the article supposedly to "encourage" all of you slacking chronically ill people! Do more SLAVE!

  • cantleave

    If you have a pulse, you are well enough to recruit!

  • yourmomma

    I just read this, and was about to start a thread, glad someone else saw how absolutly crazy and disgusting this article is. Yeah, the bottom line is "cancer? chronic illness? cant walk? cant dress yourself? cant get out of bed? Well get your ASS OUT IN SERVICE! And stop feeling bad for yourself! If you feel bad because of your illness, that is your decision!"

    My god, this may be one of the most heartless, and careless articles I have ever read in a WT. wow.

  • skeeter1

    I know of another brother, around the 80 years old mark. He pioneers. He goes out in the morning, and comes home and just SLEEEEEEPS the rest of the day. It totally wipes out the man. I think he is trying to overcome alot of guilt to Jehovah for not living the first 60 years as an exemplary JW.


  • Quendi

    These sad experiences remind me of a situation which involved me in my Boulder, Colorado congregation. One of the men (who also professed to be of the anointed) suffered from multiple sclerosis. When I first met him, the disease had a firm grip on him, but he could still walk without assistance and drive a motor vehicle. However, as the years passed, his illness progressively grew worse. All of us felt bad for him and assisted him and his family as much as we could.

    Problems began when this man failed to recognize that MS meant accepting limitations on his abilities. So he insisted on auxiliary pioneering and Yours Truly had to work with him most of the time he went in the service. The elders, ministerial servants, and other men in the congregation couldn't be bothered. Since his mobility was impaired by then, this often meant he had to use a cane, and later a wheelchair when going out. Auxiliary pioneering in April created special problems due to the weather. April is the third-snowiest month of the year in Colorado, making the door-to-door work hard even for the able-bodied. So you can imagine what it was like working with someone who was physically disabled.

    I was pioneering back then and working with this man meant that I was hard pressed to get my required 90 hours a month. I begged him to limit his hours and schedule his activities since I was the only one who worked with him. He refused, saying that he was going to give his very best to Jehovah. In the end I had to tell him I would no longer work with him in field service. That upset him, and he went to the elders. However, I made it clear to the elders and others that my decision was firm and would not be reversed.

    Experiences like that and the ones baltar447 have shared illustrate not devotion but fanaticism. Fanaticism is one of the earmarks of a cult, and here, in the pages of The Watchtower, we see one more evidence of that. I'm glad I'm both out and free.


  • baltar447

    That's heartbreaking. At an age where he should be able to look back with happiness and fond memories and enjoying grandchildren or great-grandchildren, he slaves away in a "preaching work" that has the effectiveness of trying to put out a forest fire with a wet pool noodle and feels nothing but guilt that he's not DOING enough.

  • punkofnice

    I'm dead but my corpse rises from the dead and goes on return visits. If I'm not back in my coffin before sunrise I'll melt!

    Crikey! How much more guilt are they going to dish out?

  • sabastious

    Doin' God's work.


  • shamus100

    What they are doing is not ENCOURAGING but setting the bar impossibly high and making even dying people feel like they should be doing MORE in the ministry, even if it kills them.

    It's mind control 101 for the other masses. ;)

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