SERIOUSLY is there one JW publication that you thought was good?

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  • mrsjones5



    It`s all Crap!..

    Crap I tell Ya!..Crap!!..


  • cedars

    I knew that Jehovah was a loving God, but all this book [God's Love] taught me was about HATRED and how VILE and FILTHY we are in Jehovahs eyes. My dad HATED this book too. For me... its the WORST book they ever produced. GROSSSSSSSSSS!!!

    I agree, I remember a few parents commenting at how inappropriate it seemed to be endlessly discussing subjects like porn and masturbation infront of the kids on a Thursday evening. I'm not surprised that this book helped you awaken, it's truly shocking.

  • shamus100

    Or how about discussing oral sex in front of children?

    Does any child or teenager really want to hear that crap endlessly repeated at meetings? Frankly, having basically strangers talk about it all the time is borderline abuse. I could not imagine talking to some strangers child about oral sex - I'd be thrown in jail!

  • talesin

    @ cedars

    PS - It was the Daniel book that first made me realise how skewed the Society's handle on bible prophecy was, so from that perspective it was good...

    Me, too! And I was only a tween. Buncha gobbledygook.


  • cedars

    talesin - glad I wasn't the only one. The Daniel Book made me aware (or at least suspicious) of the Governing Body's habit of "shoe-horning".

    i.e. "Here's a bible prophecy, and here's a date that we feel is significant... now all we need to do is link the two together!"

    shamus - you're right, I don't like thinking of all the awful subjects that were forced on the meeting agenda as a result of that horrid little book. I wonder whether they'll try discussing it again at meetings in the future? Sincerely hope not. Like you said, having strangers discuss those subjects infront of your kids is weird to say the least.

  • Botzwana

    The live forever book...The pictures in it. I started studying in 93...Then 2 years later the understanding changes....

  • Quendi

    My mother, a Southern Baptist, absolutely fell in love with two of the Society's releases: Commentary on the Letter of James and the audio-cassette recordings of Acts of Apostles and Jehovah's Name to be Declared in All the Earth. She wanted to write to the Society asking them to produce commentaries on every one of the books of the Bible, and she had me supply her with a few copies of the Commentary so she could give them to friends. She played the audio-cassettes for her Sunday school class and everyone loved them.

    For myself, I enjoyed the audio-cassettes of the New World Translation as well as the Jehovah's Name drama. My favorite book is Life, How Did It Get Here? --By Evolution or by Creation. I still believe it to be the best book dealing with the question of evolution the Society ever produced and it is still part of my personal library after getting rid of most of the other WTS publications I owned.


  • Billzfan23

    My favorite had to be the Kingdom Ministry. What I loved most about it was the texture of the paper, it's acid content, and moisture content caused it to burst into flames as soon as it was exposed to a match or lighter. I used these extensively to light kindling for my fireplace, and even used to bring them on camping trips to start campfires. As far as fire-starting paper is concerned, there was nothing better.

  • sir82
    Life, How Did It Get Here? --By Evolution or by Creation. I still believe it to be the best book dealing with the question of evolution the Society ever produced

    You do realize it has dozens if not hundreds of misrepresentations, out-of-context quotations, and logical fallacies, right?

    30 seconds on Google, or use of the search feature on this very website, should get you started.

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