SERIOUSLY is there one JW publication that you thought was good?

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    breakfast of champions

    Even though I was just a kid when it came out 'Commentary on James' was my favorite - it just seemed well written. Funny to find out it was written by a mentally diseased apostate.
    I kind of wonder about the authors of 'Mankind's Search.' It was never studied, and much of the 'reasoning' that overturns the validity of other religions could be just as easily used against JWs.

  • Dudu

    Mankind's search for God ... I enjoyed to read about the different religions and believes in the world.

  • shamus100

    NO! Not one.

  • drewcoul

    At the time, I liked the Revelation Climax book. Because when It came out, I placed a ton of them in field service. I had just started pioneering and thought I was informing the whole community about what was approaching within the next ten years or so.......I have since re-read it and found so many holes and absurdity in it, that I'm embarassed I bothered placing it with all of those nice people.

    I do agree, the Greatest Man book is very good and fairly accurate and balanced. I remember studying the Commentary on the Letter of James when I was young, but I was too young to really remember what it said.

  • finallysomepride

    the best & certainly the most usefull item ever printed by the borg is:

  • nugget

    It is a shame that the organisation produces books of little value these days. I remember how eagerly we would await new publications at the assemblies and yet how often they stayed on the shelves unread until we were forced to study them. I am sad to think of the time wasted in such pointless activity.

    I did like the brochure which explained the typography of the Bible locations with photographs and maps to help you visualise Bible sites and explain scriptures.

    Sadly recent publications have been of even lower quality than in the past all those trees sacrificed in vain. It is almost as if they want the members to walk around half asleep not caring about what they are reading.

  • cedars

    I'm a little sceptical these days about the whole concept of "annual releases". It seems to me that the focus is on delivering some form of publication at each convention, year after year, irrespective of whether any publication is actually needed or relevant. It's almost like the Society has set its own benchmark in years gone by of delivering some kind of book every year without fail, and the whole focus of the Writing Department now seems to be oriented towards keeping up with this self-imposed benchmark.

    When you think of all the books that were greeted with wild enthusiasm on their release at conventions in years gone by, only to be replaced or superceded a decade or so later, you begin to view the whole concept of "new releases" with more than a bit of scepticism. Are they genuinely interested in "feeding God's household their food at the proper time" or are they simply target-driven, obsessed by living up to a self-imposed legacy of endless literature releases?

    It reminds one of a dog chasing its tail...

  • TimothyT

    I agree! The annual releases were so exciting! When i was young, i couldnt wait to get them and read them... now i cant wait to get them to pull them to pieces and critisice.

    Finallysomepride: That is RATHER funny!!!

    Who likes this book:

    I must say, when we studied this book at the meeting, i began to doubt the organisation very much. This was were it all started realy. I knew that Jehovah was a loving God, but all this book taught me was about HATRED and how VILE and FILTHY we are in Jehovahs eyes. My dad HATED this book too. For me... its the WORST book they ever produced. GROSSSSSSSSSS!!!

  • punkofnice

    I liked the book they released at the last A$$€m ? £¥. No, wait! They didn't release it!!

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