SERIOUSLY is there one JW publication that you thought was good?

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  • bigmac

    when i was a regular pioneer in the late 1960's----i liked all the publications---because when i "placed" something i made a healthy profit.

    for example --pioneers paid one british old penny for each magazine--and sold them for four pence each.

    it was encouraged to develope a magazine "route"--regular delivery to householders---nice---a couple of hundred sold per month soon mounted up

    and when those black-bound flexible covered bibles came out---about 7/6 pence i think---sold like hot cakes.

    all this sales training gave me a really healthy greedy grabbing chiselling outlook on life-----so my JW youth wasnt entirely wasted.

  • Quendi

    @sir82: You're doubtless right about the Creation book considering the WTS' method of quoting people entirely out of context and imputing ideas to them they do not hold or believe, but I have read many other books that aren't remotely connected to the WTS and are written by reputable scientists which also debunk evolution. They do so on sound scientific principles as well as the research done by the authors or other scientists. No, I don't intend to start a thread on evolution either here or elsewhere, but I did appreciate what you had to say and want to keep it in mind.


  • Quendi

    I should add that I thought the old Theocratic Ministry School Guidebook was outstanding. The course it lays out for learning public speaking is an excellent one and has drawn praise from many outsiders. A Witness friend of mine told me that his high school speech teacher asked him to secure a copy for her saying, "I don't like or read anything Jehovah's Witnesses publish, but I will make an exception for the Guidebook. I know the lessons it teaches really work."


  • jookbeard

    never read Commentary on James, found the Aid book fascinating when I was a Dub kid , Faith on the March by MacMillan was an OK read as was a similar works by Marley Cole, hated the "Live Forever" book likewise the "Revelation" book.

  • InquiryMan

    I liked to the Search book, the Insight encyclyopedia, the Greatest man book, the magazines, the Proclaimers book, and the Yearbook... (even today, I sneak peek the yearbook)...

  • JWdaughter

    I liked the James book, too. What we liked or can even see some value in today does not negate the fact that most of it was hogwash and even the relatively 'good' books are still infiltrated with WT propaganda and twisting. Unfortunately. I think there is NO mystery as to why studies of the scripture are not done in context. "James" got me to thinking more critically about the Bible and WT teachings. I left in 1981 and I think that is no small coincidence.


    I liked my book of bible stories.

  • LongHairGal


    I liked the bible story book and still have it.

  • rrb2016

    None of them. However I do remember getting a kick out of my Dad having to give a talk out of the Youth Book out of the chapter "Growing into Womanhood." I remember how embarrassed he was talking about breasts and menstrual cycle. The next week I had to give the same talk on the "Growing into Manhood" chapter!

  • NomadSoul

    The Evolution Vs Creation books is the same stuff that other creationists have used way before the WT book was published. And Sir82 is right, there are so many quotes that are taken out of context. We were actually studying the book while I was learning about evolution in Biology class, I think that's what sparked my voyage out of the Borg, by studying both at the same time.

    Anyways, back on topic. I think the best book they've written is "The best man who ever lived". For once a book that talks mostly about Jesus.

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