SERIOUSLY is there one JW publication that you thought was good?

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  • cantleave

    the org prefers the topical study approach which picks and mixes scriptures which can lead to bias and loss of context. :(

    I wonder why?

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    It wasn't a book but in the 80s or 90s they did a series of WT articles on the fruitages of the spirit - live, long-suffering, forgiveness, etc.

    I really enjoyed those articles because it was focusing on actual scriptures that could be applied in every day life. Even if you don't believe in the Bible anymore, they are still qualities worth persuing in life.

    I enjoyed the Greatest Man book too, as it helped open my eyes to the hypocrisy of the GB who were so similar to the Pharisees. Their actions and attitudes were indentical and I realised the GB were nothing more than modern day Pharisees.

  • Mary

  • punkofnice

    This tickled me because the JWs thought man wouldn't get into space.......

    "Man on earth can no more get rid of these demonic `heavens' (the organization of wicked spirits) than man can by airplane or rockets or other means get up above the air envelope which is about our earthly globe and in which man breathes." (The Truth Shall Make You Free, 1943, p. 285)

  • mindseye

    I enjoyed the Search book that discussed all of the various religious traditions of the world. It made me curious about other religions, especially Eastern ones. Also, any book that had Nietzsche, Darwin and Marx as the trinity of evil, LOL. Their rebel status caused me to look into philosophy and science. Thanks, WT!

  • Ding
    It's a shame they didn't do many scripture by scripture commentaries.

    If they did that, it would be much harder to "prove" their doctrines with out-of-context proof-texts.

    For example, the WTS never interprets Ecclesiastes 9:5 in the context of the entire book or even in the context of Ecclesiastes 9:6.

    It would also become clear that Matthew 24:45 isn't a prophecy that one day Jesus would appoint the GB to micromanage people's lives.

    Likewise, there are entire books such as Romans and Galatians that don't match the WT paradigm at all.

    Randy Watters has revealed that during the Ray Franz purge, groups at Bethel were secretly studying those two books without WT materials and realized how different the NT message is from what the WTS says it is.

  • punkofnice

    If I'm honest I always found that the dublications spoilt my Bible reading! Nuff said!

  • Mary
  • TimothyT

    Broken Promises: Ayyy.... i also enjoyed the articles on practical, Christian qualities. I think such things are good for anyone to study realy, and i dont think i could such how the GB could taint them. When i studied the gospels i came across many verses which kind of condemned the WTS. Its crazy when you read stuff like that and you see it RIGHT there. Makes you wonder why you never sawe it before.

    Mindseye: The Mankind Search book was good. I remember reading it when i was young. It made me interested in other religions too. :)

    Ding: Thats very true. To do a contextual study would be counterproductive for the WTS. In a way thats sad because it means they arnt interested in the history and context of the bible anymore, but they now are in a situation where they have to cover up and adjust teachings. They have lost the main reason for the bible i think. OOOH... I havnt picked up Galations in a while. May do it soon actualy. Thanks.

  • TimothyT

    Punk... you are right. I remember a sister encouraged me a while back to read as many of the dublications (nice word) as i could. I always figured... why cant i just read the bible. Of course they would all say, yeh but you need to know what the bible means. Only the org can tell you that. Errr yeh ok.

    Nontheless i do liking reading books about the bible, to get someone elses views on it. I suppose its why i like this forum too, that and many here have helped me a lot.

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