Credit Card Donation terminals are currently being installed in JWs Assembly Halls...

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  • Listener

    Steve2 another point is that they are taking credit from individuals and this raises some moral issues.

    - This is money that they have not earned from their own efforts at the time of donating.

    - The JWs then have to pay it back. Vunerable or overly enthusiastic dubs may put themselves into difficulties

    - The org is becoming a party to the very thing that is ruining our society - debt

    - double standards are being set in warning dubs about debt but then accepting it as a form of payment

  • dozy

    For an organisation that keeps on boasting that it is different from Christendom and it's "money grabbing ways" , I was always amazed at the large number of contribution boxes strategically positioned around the assembly grounds. Each box had a watcher to make sure that no-one would pinch it ( bizarrely , even when 2 boxes were side by side , they had to have 2 watchers keep an eye on them ). Although the literature is supposed to be "without charge" , the instruction was always given to put a contribution box in every queue leading up to the distribution points.

    Like Blondie said , I also can see the WTBTS increasingly moving towards a virtual "tithe" system , with pledges etc. They must kick themselves that they didn't have the foresight to insists on 10% tithes like the Mormons and it is too late now for a "new thought" to be installed. They clearly are struggling to get enough money coming in ( even with asset sales) and need to finance their big building projects.

  • Devil_Fish

    Any one who goes should donate

    1 cent via these machines

    at least 3 times per day.

    Personally I think I would

    do it at least 100 times.

    after all it would only cost me


  • Devil_Fish

    I might even go to the next assembly just to donate $10 worth of 1 cent transactions.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    watson says: I do not see the hypocrisy.

    With all do respect, there is plenty of hypocrisy on the part of the WTBTS when it comes to the Almighty God $$$$$$!

  • steve2
    I think everyone has a problem with the quotes where the WT called other churches greedy by doing this years ago and now they are doing it. Mainly, they put their foot in their mouth as usual. They love to hammer other religions for things only to later do the exact same thing themselves. It's that hypocrisy that is annoying.

    I hadn't realized that the WT had criticized churches for using electronic methods for donating. I agree: it's hypocrisy to then do so themselves.

  • sizemik

    Any who can't see the hypocrisy angle . . . go back and read page 3

  • steve2

    I'll read the attachment of the Awake! quote on page 3 at home; the public terminal will not allow it to download here.

  • seawolf

    I can just imagine someone thinking the holy $pirit just hit them during the a$$embly, going to the machine with their debit card and draining their checking account down and then the future fireworks when checks bounce, etc... Guess there will be more drama than just one at the a$$embly with people dressed up like sheephearders.

  • steve2

    I can see it now: A credit card whose "chip" has privacy information on the individual and lays that information out for relevant Watchtower officials to see:

    "Transaction refused: Card User is an Apostate"

    "Transaction refused: Card User is a Fornicator"

    "Transaction refused: Card User is a Drunkard"

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