I wish I was dead ...

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  • talesin

    not much to follow that .... day-umn, life is hard sometimes ...

    feel free to encourage me ... I need it.

  • talesin
  • sizemik

    I don't know what to say tal . . .

    I'm more familiar with needing encouragement myself than giving it.

    My best friend is struggling. I had to put another life-long friend into care a couple of days ago. My eldest son has lain in bed all day and is totally despondent. And I've had better days than today.

    So all I can say is . . . you're not alone dear friend. And you know that more than a few of us could do with you around at the moment.

    Perhaps we can just feel it together . . . and hold on for better days.

  • Scully

    Sorry you're feeling this way, sweetie. Just wanted you to know that I care.

    What are you doing up at this undogly hour? (I know, I know.... the pot-kettle paradigm rears its ugly head LOL)

  • bigmouth

    Actually, letting others know that you "wish you were dead" can be o.k. Just putting it out there is enough. No-one has to 'fix' it.

    Know that the feeling will pass, sooner or later.

    Sometimes it just doesn't matter that others feel the same way sometimes when it's you that feels despondent and desperate.

    Does that help at all ?

  • Black Sheep
  • smiddy

    I`m terribly sorry you feel this way .....at the moment your feeling this way

    hopefully it will pass..soon enough

    I think most of us at sometimes wish the same thing.....and are thankfull later on that it didn`t occur

    I couldn`t open the link you put out ,so I am in the dark as to what brought you to this condition

    Their are multitudes of people who do not know you personally talesin,but I guarantee you, everyone on this board hopes/prays that you will get through this low spot in your life

    Take courage tomorrow is another day

    and if tomorrow doesn`t bring you satisfaction

    their is always another day

    and sooner or later things will look brighter....eventually

    Trust me ..... my wife and I have been their ..a couple of times


  • factfinder

    I've felt that way too...but things do get better. Hang in there.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Hey sweetie,

    This feeling will pass. Here's some flowers for you:

  • alias


    Now what are your other two wishes? (and no wishing for more wishes)


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