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  • JonathanH

    "perhaps you know that the bible has been around far longer than any book we have now...."


  • bioflex

    @poopsiecakes: i guess you pretty much misunderstood me, and yes God did bring ALL(not few) the animals to Noah on the ark which would mean all you have listed and the rest. i was implying that after the flood all the animals had to go back to locations that suited their living, so yes like the polar bears had to go find colder places to live,

    my using adaption was to justify the difference in even same animals, like various gaots and sheep differ from one location to another, same applies to humans, and elephants and snakes and you name it. But in all we are able to justify that all sheep look like sheep though some be very hairly than others, and all humans are humans even though some are fair and others are dark, again all fish are fish even though they differ in size and features from one to another.

    Again let me touch on another topic why the concept of evolution is so flawed, have aread at this

    when you hear such talks i wonder what come into mind, i mean if you believe we evolved from some lower state to achived this higher level of intelligence, then why not let that process continue, why do we need to mess with genes and DNA and all that to get to the next stage in evolution.

    Again in the video posted some pages before, they talked about about how natural selection along with differences in our genes brought about the vast majority of life forms available now. Shouldn't it rather be INTELLIGENT SELECTION?. if you are okay with the idea that some random event is the cause of our existenece today then why not us let that random event repeat itself?, why do we have to get invovled in the process of mixing genes and all. so how do you justify evolution in about a 50 years from now, i mean the people would have learnt that they got to where they are by not natural selection but by intelligent human involments.

    It seems believing in evlolution is just a way for people to ingore the maginificence and marvelous interlect behing our existence.

    And again what do you have to say about gaint humans that existed in time past?, i would like to see you try and justify that with evolution.

  • poopsiecakes

    yes God did bring ALL(not few) the animals to Noah on the ark which would mean all you have listed and the rest. i was implying that after the flood all the animals had to go back to locations that suited their living, so yes like the polar bears had to go find colder places to live

    Oh good, we're back to satire - I was worried for a moment there.

  • bioflex

    hmm, I wake up every morning and i am really glad to be alive, i know for certain what awaits me in the future because i know where i am coming from. If there is one certainty in my life then its about God. I mean since you believe in evolution then i i guess you dont really no what awaits you in the future, you just live and die and thats it. I on the other hand have a very sure promise of life even if i should die now. At the end of the day, if there is a God who really is responsible for the life you posses then i am pretty sure you are going to be accountable for your life.

    God help us all.

  • poopsiecakes

    You know, it's people like you that make destructive religions flourish. You want to take full advantage of the benefits that scientific advancement offers but if the same scientific community presents facts that prove the bible is nothing more than a collection of tribal myths, they're all of a sudden dumb and worthless.

    And by the way, the same future awaits all of us whether we're humans, animals or trees. Unless you believe in tree heaven - which you might.

  • MrFreeze

    bioflex is like the Stephen Colbert of JWN. He has to be. Otherwise, that would mean he is completely serious, which I don't think is possible. Please tell me he isn't really serious. My sanity depends on it.

    bioflex, how did kangaroos get to Australia? Did they fly? Did they swim? Did they build a boat?

  • poopsiecakes

    It's not just the kangaroos, Freeze. It's the penguins, polar bears, three toed sloths and every other species indiginous to places outside of the Middle East. God brought them all to Noah don't you know. Then I guess he magically transported them's the only possible explanation.

  • MrFreeze
  • bioflex

    @poopsiecakes : you really got it all wrong there, so tell me, how do yo explain all the animals you mentioned earlier at their current location, so you mean the kangaroos just popped out in australlia, or since the climate there supported their living they just evolved there?, ever heard of migration? i mean doesnt science support that? both humans and animals alike migrate to locations that suit their living conditions NO? I dont really get what is impossible about all this, is it because kangaroos can't travel that far or what?

    and stop telling me about science disproving the bible, its not true, maybe you should try and build an ark with Noah's dimensions and see if it floats or not.

    and you are very wrong again, the same future does not await both humans and animals alike, at least think about all the superior features you posses as a human being, you have the ability to decide between good and bad, maybe if you just forgot all the crap you hear about the bible and find out how true and accurate its words are,then there is a chance for you to be saved and have the promise of eternal life,but no, i guess you believe we just evolved so thats that. well you can continue holding onto that crap for all i care,

    have you ever thought of how splendid our universe is, i mean look at how unique everything blends together, have you ever though of how we have the force of gravity here on earth and not in space, have you ever thought of how the sea is always sticking to its bound without engulfing the earth, i really dont have to be telling you all this, yet you seem to ingore how much all these can only be acheived by design. Again let me remind you that every single tool ever made by man required intelligent design and not by some random event, yet you choose to ignore it all.

    @MrFreeze : i dont think you are referring to the Jesus in the bible cos you would have known better that i only speak about Him. Again ever heard of MIGRATION ? just watch some documentary videos would you, then you would know how both humans and animals alike migrate to locations which suit their way of living.

    Again please touch on my issues with the gaint humans okay, i really want to know what evolution has to say about all that.

    God loves u.

  • EntirelyPossible

    In the same way before you bash the claim of the ark being able to hold you have to justify your assumptions in a real world scene and not just on paper.

    People have built wooden ships. Lots of them. They already know the upper engineering limit of how big they can be. You fail.

    Now i dont really get you, how is evloution comprehensible when in actual facts all the things abound us seem to indicate other wise, i mean since you cant really explaing how life came to be in the first place.

    Except that the actual fact do point towards evolution. And how life came to be has nothing to do with evolution, that's abiogenesis. You fail.

    Again may i ask what evidence you speak of? You fail.

    i mean what more can i say?

    Hopefully nothing. We are all dumber for having met you.

    Well i guess my mind is made up of...

    ... mostly empty, unused space.

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