Earthquake at Bethel...mysterious Bethelite speaks up on significant concerns at world headquarters .

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  • RedCrayola
    Rick, you should have said if Johnny say proves to be true, which one of you will be the first to step forward and apologize?

    Excellent point! Rick just admitted he is behind it all.

    My supporters on JWN are afraid to speak up, they know they will reprimanded if they post something good about the Six Screens of Watchtower.
    They do not want to get counseld by JWN elders for conduct unbecoming of JWN posters.....KoolAidman

    MR.Unscrupulous/Amateur of Deciet (But he`s working at it)

    Rick Fearon

    If what I say proves to be true, which one of you will be the first to step forward and apologise?.....Rick Fearon/KoolAidMan

    What you said was 100% Bullshit..Unless you can prove otherwise..

    If you can`t prove your claims..

    We will measure you,with your own Moral Yardstick..

    Prove it or Apologize..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • steve2
    Why do you continue to promote Johnny if you don't know whether he is really what he claims?

    The plot thickens and the kool-aid man tries to calmly run for some shreds of dignified cover:

    If "Johnny" is who he says he is, surely he would have enough trust in the kool-aid man to divulge personal details etc in stricted confidence to the kool-aid man so that the kool-aid can then speak with out doubt about the veracity of the information he is not only allegedly receiving but publicizing.

    Journalists code of ethics enables them to secure "inside" information from reliable sources who cannot be identified. Journalists do not say, If the source turns out to be false, I'll apologize or. I don't know if the source is true.

    Rick you stand exposed by your sloppy sensationalist standards. If "worldy" journalists have to abide by strict codes of conduct regarding confidential information, at the very least you are in position in which "innocent" people take you at your word - yet, when pushed, you shrug your shoulders and say, "I cannot say for certain if Johnny is or isn't a fraud".

    Surely too, your own ethical standards would demand that you would refuse to promote anyone or anything that you could not personally verify - even if your own ethical code meant you would protect people's identity.

  • koolaid-man

    I am not the one promoting Johnny, it is easy to see many crazed members on this board can not get enough of him. competent, Sensible minded members of JWN are easily accepting the fact that it is my criticizers that are promoting the now infamous "Johnny the Bethelite"

    The mere mention of his name creates a posting frenzy......... Over a Hundred threads, tens of thousands of clicks, thousands of posts.

    Indeed the saga of Johnny has become the biggest controversy on JWN.

    I have the solution to end this whole fiasco....... just stop contributing on threads about Johnny.

    Sufficient evidence points to the fact, it is not me keeping these threads alive it is my ridiculers who have an insatiable, unsatisfied appetite for Johnny.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises


    YOU'RE the one who introduced Johnny back to the board via this thread.

    Are you deliberately obtuse or just plain stupid?

    I am not the one promoting Johnny.....Rick Fearon

    Rick Fearons Opening Post on this Thread

    I know this post will bring out all those who love to criticise and rebut. The following information is timely and very plausible. In view of recent posts and special announcements to be taking place in the organization I found the following to have credibility.

    Last night Tuesday August 23, 2011 "Six Screens"received a call from "Johnny the Bethelite." Johnny was frantic and disconcerted as a major announcement was made by Governing Body member Jackson while meeting with the Bethelites on August 23 2011. According to Johnny it was stated in part that significant changes are immediately to take place in the Watchtower organization.

    #1... promptly without lapse of time many Bethelites will be sent home. Apparently large scale downsizing is instantly taking place. New Bethelites will be the first to go. Those who stay in time will be moved to the Canadian branch or to an upstate New York facility.

    # 2... it was emphatically stated that the W.T. org. will be moving out of Brooklyn completely in and around the year 2012.

    #3... W.T. officials are terribly concerned over the government of Brazil closely examining their shunning practices. They are petrified that other governments including the U.S. will now put them "under the microscope".

    Johnny had much to say and said he would come on the six screens of the Watchtower conference call around 9p.m. EST Saturday August 27, 2011. He is eager to share so much more concerning all the changes being made in the "world of the Jehovah's Witnesses"......Rick Fearon


    Does Rick Fearon have Alzheimer's?..

    Is he Insane?..


    Is he just an incompetent Compulsive Liar?..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • koolaid-man

    The thread could have stopped there....... all you had to do is ignore it. NOW IT IS GOING ON 5000 CLICKS.

  • badseed

    Well Rick, did Johnny show up and what did he have to say about the "significant concerns". Could you describe those significant concerns in a few lines, please. Thank you.

    The thread could have stopped there....... all you had to do is ignore it.

    NOW IT IS GOING ON 5000 CLICKS......Koolaidman

    Right now the count reads....4514 Views

    You have a hard time speaking truthfully..

    4514 views is a lot of Bad Advertising for your show..

    Why not rent a billboard thats says..

    Six Screens Sucks..


    Rick Fearon doesn`t know how to tell the Truth..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • RedCrayola

    Audio of Rick being the lying, deceiving, half-truth-telling apostate the WTBTS warns JW's about.

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