Earthquake at Bethel...mysterious Bethelite speaks up on significant concerns at world headquarters .

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  • Terry

    The Governments of the World are SUPPOSED to do this, aren't they?

    Haven't they been preaching this would happen since at least the 1950's?

    If there would be any tangible reason to leave Brooklyn it would be FEAR of another 9/11 style attack. imho

  • punkofnice
    #3... W.T. officials are terribly concerned over the government of Brazil closely examining their shunning practices. They are petrified that other governments including the U.S. will now put them "under the microscope".

    Bring it on!! This would be a dream come true.........I'm not holding my breath because that slimey 7 headed beast the GB, are surrounded by lawyers. Wouldn't it be great if this were like Custer's last stand!

  • baltar447

    Frankly, if any of this had credibility we would start hearing through the grapevine pretty soon if not already, dubbies would be freaking out big time.

  • james_woods

    Johnny was frantic and disconcerted

    I think it may have actually been Rick Fearon who is frantic and disconcerted.

  • Gayle

    But,, we already know: these things are all over the Internet for several months. Did the GB and Bethelites just 'awake' up?

    1. About the downsizing at Bethel, and branches closing all over the world, about the moving to Canadian branch for the mags. production, and the moving plans to upstate New York.

    2. We know all about the Brooklyn WTS 30 properties to sell for about $1Billion and that the Brooklyn Heights need them out so the city can start getting their tax money to pay their big park there. That's been in many newspapers already. I think the GB are just so thrilled and excited about that.

    3. We know about lawsuits happening world over: Brazil, Belgium, Australia, California, etc.

    What does Johnny know that we don't know already? Seems he would volunteer to utilize the downsizing and get out of there.

    oh, and so they felt a very distant earthquake there at Bethel,,boo-hooo..

  • DaCheech

    according to WT prophecy, isn't the goverment supposed to go after the other religions first?


    It`s another Week in the Hospital..For Johnny the Bethelite..

    Once again..

    Rick Fearon is is going to toss Johnny the Bethelite,off the top of the Six Screens Roof..

    Hoping this time..Johnny will finally fly ..

    Six Screens Show is on Saturday..

    You can send Flowers to the Hospital for Johnny the Bethelite,on Sunday..

    He should be Conscious by then..

    Johnny the Bethelite..

    Survives another Six Screens Show..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • JeffT

    Well, I guess this can be seen as a chance to find out if Johnny is who he says he is.

    On the other hand, we may get a six screens soon in which Rick and Johnny discuss their life long battles with reality and how they finally acheived total victory.

  • HintOfLime

    Can we get some candid swimsuit shots of GB members at the beach in the next issue/episode as well?

    What caused Sam Herd to gain 20 lbs? Is Guy Pierce seeing someone in secret?

    We want the real dirt! Not mundane reporting on boring corporate manuevers.


    - Lime

  • shamus100

    Infinetly sad how the only advertising forum this crackpot has is at this place. ;) Oh, and the two or three people who protest at kingdumb halls or buildings that aren't kingdumb halls but they wish they were... ;D

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