God exists? God doesn't? God is a different concept? Convince me!

by punkofnice 78 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • cantleave

    That pretty much sums me up too. If there is a god it's obvious he hates me.

    This makes Thor very sad..............

  • punkofnice

    By Odin's beard, I will hurt Punkofnice!!

  • coalize
    "God" in french slang is the pronunciation of a name given to a dildo... This one exist!
  • millie210

    What a great thread Punkofnice,

    Back when you started this I was just finishing registering a fake name here and certain that either God would strike me dead OR the elders were going to come knocking immediately.

    The voices in my head of JW-ology were still echoing so loudly that I couldnt even have seen a thread like this one. It simply wouldnt have registered..

    I started by reading threads about corruption and that lead to doctrinal "corruption" which lead to reading the Bible with my own eyes (what a brand new idea) ((sarcasm)) which lead to a lot of "hold up! wait a minute!" thinking on my part.

    Only now do I feel mentally and emotionally (so I guess that would sum up spiritually also) ready to begin to examine this topic in a calm rational way without a lump in my throat.

    I thought it was colossal bad timing on my part to arrive at this stage of being a novitiate only to find that there are NO threads for people like me on this site.

    If anyone dares to start one the "preachers" and the "glory hounds" swoop in immediately to state their opinion as fact. That is fine - its freedom of speech in action.

    For me, the problem then becomes I close the thread and learn nothing. I see the names (avatars) commenting on the thread - and dont click on the thread and thereby miss a lot of what Im sure is good thoughts by other posters.

    I said all that to say it is incredibly nice to find this thread and get to rid such a calm respectful discussion without one irritating poster!

    I just skimmed this thread looking to see if it is one I can sink in to and read without prejudice and it is. So thanks!

  • punkofnice

    Glad it's workimg for you Millie. Boy, do I hate those inflamatory threads.

    when I started out I was still a Christian. Now it doesn't matter. Surviving the next day it all that really counts.

  • coalize

    First I was a JW... and I left this bullshit cult

    After I stay christian... and I left this muthafuckin guilty philosophy

    After I stay just religious ... and I left this fairy mind behind

    Now I'm free... I'm so free, I think I'm flying!

  • punkofnice
    Coal-eyes - Yup. tht was my journey.
  • Phizzy

    Similar journey for me too, am now Flying Free and Happy !

    God may not exist, but Mrs Phizzy insists that Faeries do.

  • punkofnice
    God may not exist, but Mrs Phizzy insists that Faeries do.

    I have friends that believe in 'the universe'. Ask the universe for this and that and you'll get it when the time is right kinda thing.

    I still await that money I asked for in prayer. An experiment that proves theres nothing out there.

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