God exists? God doesn't? God is a different concept? Convince me!

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  • punkofnice

    James thomas - A bit like the 'kingdom lies within'.

    Cantleave - I like Spider-Man! Not a god I grant you but still great!

    Gladiator - It's always good to welcom back old friends.

    dogisgod - Knowing my luck I was Judge Boozerford in another life and this is my punishment!

  • jaguarbass

    I dont find the evidence to be black or white, or 90/10.

    I find the evidence like a scale that is balancing God no God.

    If I want to tilt it I have to apply faith, faith to either side.

    Thats the way I see it today.

    I will say at 59 years old I am a work in progress.

  • Terry

    God is X in your equations.

    Puzzled about "why" this and that happens? X did it.

    Why are we here? X put us here.

    Who will save us from death? X will do it!

    Whatever you need or have missing from your life can be solved, mended, answered and improved by adding X.

    As mankind discovers more about how and why things happen the domain of God shrinks smaller and smaller.....

    God is spackle for the cracks in the Universe.
  • sizemik
    sizemik - Ice in my whiskey please.

    Yeah Unky . . . isn't it great the way it tinkles round the rim of the glass . . . and chills the divine nectar as it meets the lips.

    God's a really great guy for doing the icy thingy

  • designs

    Between 1785 and 1789 William Herschel constructed the first 40' Telescope and was able for the first time to see beyond the Milky Way to distant Galaxies. It was a Game Changer. Time, Distance, and the concepts of God all changed because of one man's curiosity to see Stars.

  • punkofnice

    Jaguarbass - I'm a tad younger than you and the evidence think is a stumper

    Terry - Hence 'X' marks the spot. Good point.

    Sizemik - Whiskey makes it all make sense...............after a good bottle or more!!

    designs - Unlike Thomas Midgley that kinda ruined the planet!

  • designs

    punk0- nice historical reference

  • sizemik

    designs . . .

    One could argue that it was not rebelliousness that caused the 'fall of man' . . . but curiosity. The more we peer into things the more God's existence becomes threatened. No wonder he didn't want us to eat from the "tree of knowledge"

  • punkofnice

    designs - sizemik - It's all MANS fault!

  • designs


    Eve was pretty smart she asked the first question.

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