God exists? God doesn't? God is a different concept? Convince me!

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  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer
    Not having had a very good education due to being a JW I still can't understand evolution (as I think I understand it). You know, every house and that.......

    understanding evolution is optional. most of all, as an agnostic atheist you need to embrace the fact that you can't know it all. that's one of the hardest parts when comming from a know-it-all religion like the JWs. insufficient evidence is enough to not believe in god.

    it's not like "there is a god" and "there is no god" are the only options. a few more options i can come up with:

    "i don't know if there is a god", "there are four gods", "there is a goddess, and she's damn sexy", "there is a supreme force without personality", "there is no god, but there is spirit", "most probably there is no god", "there are a million gods, but only two of them are right", "everyone is part of god"... to be continued.

  • punkofnice

    leavingWT - I'll give it a butchers. Thanks

    J Hofer -

    "there is a goddess, and she's damn sexy",

    I'm a believer in this one..ONLY if she does me!!

  • leavingwt

    Highly recommended by many Christians is C.S. Lewis' book, Mere Christianity.

    Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis


    Complete Text



    punkofnice I do get your point, I just delight in being pernickety.

    I'd like to hear 'brief' evidence for the existance or non existance of God/s without an argument between members here.

    My sensible answer to this is that I don’t believe that there is any real evidence for the existence or non-existence of a god.

    Then we have to define what is mean by a god. Everyone has a different concept of what they are looking for in their god. My view is that no one can know the answer for certain. It comes down to whether we choose to have faith or not.

    That decision will be influenced by personal emotions the most powerful factor being our need. Also personality, education, experience of life, our peer group and our social circle.


    In Canada we Solve Everything with Beer..

    Have a Beer..

    Then Believe what ever you want..

    Trust me..It works..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • punkofnice

    leavingwt - the Wiki is very interesting. I'll check the other link later. Cheers.

    the gladiator -

    I don’t believe that there is any real evidence for the existence or non-existence of a god.

    Yeah! This is where I am. I've been so used to grovelling to the sod in heaven, as advertized by the watchtower, that I've lost all focus.

    there are those who say they had 'demonic' experiences and I'm not debating whether they did or not but because NOTHING like that ever happened to me I can't believe for myself.

  • bohm

    ..consider the delicate design of the bird wing. Did it just happend by chance, or is it the result of design?

  • sizemik

    . . . consider the evolution of the flight appendages of the various flightless avian species . . . do we see natural selection at work?, or did some invisible supernatural being bugger something up?

  • bohm

    ..cats are funny, prooving how a loving god created them for our amusement.

    im aiming at some balance!

  • PSacramento


    There is no argument, for or against , that con convince you one way or another.

    You will have to weight BOTH sides and see for yourself, just like everyone else.

    Just remember this: Do NOT take ANYONES word about WHO and WHAT God is and WHAT God wants from Us.

    If someone came to you and siad that they know better than YOU what is BEST for YOU and how to live your life from that moment on, what would you say?, what would you believe?

    Both sides of your question are saying that to you.

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