God exists? God doesn't? God is a different concept? Convince me!

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  • punkofnice

    I am in a spiritual void at the moment after a year out of the bOrg and 50 years in.

    I'd like to hear 'brief' evidence for the existance or non existance of God/s without an argument between members here.

    I'd like to get fresh view points as mine is now so critical it's telling me to be an agnostic or atheist. Why? I am in want of evidence, not just words from a copy/paste troll & no links.

    I just want to open up to new possibilities but with evidence to support it not just 'faith'.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    if you don't have enough evidence to believe in the existence of god, you already are a (probably agnostic) atheist. that void is were your personal idea of god used to be. now you can fill it with something else.

  • leavingwt

    but with evidence to support it not just 'faith'

    How about SOME faith?

  • the-illuminator81

    Think of other things you believe in. You believe in the sun rising in the morning. You believe that pressing the submit button here at JWN usually results in generating a new post. You believe that when you turn the key in your car, it will start. You believe that when you jump, you'll fall back down to the ground again.

    Why do you believe in those things? Because you're convinced by the evidence that they exist. And most you have even personally experienced.

    Now think of things you don't believe in. You don't believe in the easter bunny. You don't believe in monsters living under your bed when you go to sleep at night. You don't believe that somewhere on the far side of the moon there is a secret special disney space world where everything is free.

    Why don't you believe in those things? Because there is no evidence for them.

    Now think about God. Is there any evidence for the existence of God? There isn't. Therefore, don't believe in God.

  • Cinciguy74

    Logically: If you saw a person drowning, and could save their life with zero danger to yourself, you would do so correct?

    If you, a normal human, would do so, why would an all powerful, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnicient god allow a young child to suffer and die?

    If such a god exists, it is a cruel, spiteful creature and would not deserve worship.



    I'd like to hear 'brief' evidence for the existance or non existance of God/s without an argument between members here.

    That’s quiet a restriction to place on a serious discussion between people with differing opinions.

    An argument is a discussion or debate in which a number of people put forward different or opposing opinions. The process of presenting our argument is called an argument. We could all say nice things to each other and diplomatically nod and avoid presenting an argument or challenging the arguments that are presented.

    A bit like getting through a dinner party with out falling out with vocal guests who like to speak their minds. That would be very cosy but won't help you to achieve your objective.

  • sizemik
    I just want to open up to new possibilities but with evidence to support it not just 'faith'.

    Abandonment of a traditional "theist" belief system through lack of evidence, is both natural and highly recommended IMHO. All of the reasons already given are valid and healthy reasons to do so. Trying to find new possibilities while still holding to former preconceptions and prejudices is circular and a journey to nowhere.

    You also asked for brevity so I'm gonna have to cut and paste here . . .

    A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.

    I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation and is but a reflection of human frailty.

    - A Einstein

    Those simple statements reflect the futility of belief in a distinctly seperate transcendent entity, as espoused by most religions.

    Having discarded such belief, I personally "swept the table clean" and went looking for truth through current scientific understanding and contemporary scientific theory, chiefly in nuclear physics, in pursuit of the "building blocks" of the physical world. One area of interest is the Wave theory of matter (WSM)

    Although it is a chiefly Atheistic approach in a traditionally religious sense . . . it does open up some spiritual implications . . .

    another C & P . . . (posted in an earlier thread)


    Hope this helps Unky.

  • punkofnice

    I truly appreciate the replies so far on this. I welcome differing views.

    J Hofer - Guess you get where I am!

    LeavingWT - I'm game!

    the-illuminator - I recently got the idea that all my prayers were directed to an 'imaginary friend' who lives in the sky. Trouble is when I think of 'evidence' the WTB$ gave, it falls apart. Not having had a very good education due to being a JW I still can't understand evolution (as I think I understand it). You know, every house and that.......

    Cinciguy - Sounds like you are accurately describing the god of the watchtower!!

  • leavingwt

    LeavingWT - I'm game!

    Well, you're going to have use whatever amount of faith you can muster to believe in the resurrection of Christ. If he didn't rise from the dead -- which is an extraordinary claim -- then Christianity is of no value (in regards to an afterlife).

    So, examine the topic of the resurrection and see if your faith meets the challenge.

    This seems like an honest approach.

  • punkofnice

    the gladiator - Yeah, I know it's quite a restriction. It was part of my design on this thread. The reason is because I've seen threads divert off the subject with private arguments and 'diversion' from my magnum focus is to be avoided. Having not used much critical thinking over the years I'm rusty and tend to end up agreeing with all sides in a debate or whatever.

    If one of the trolls comes on here copy and pasting it's ok to give 'em hell. When you mentioned the 'vocal' guest I immediately though of....well we all know which 2 trolls in particular, or is it one!

    sizemik - I get the impression that man has made God in man's image. I shall check the link! Cheers.

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