God exists? God doesn't? God is a different concept? Convince me!

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  • designs

    With all of the Satellites in space and all of the mega Telescopes scanning the sky you would think they would spot 144,001 people riding on White Horses charging to Earth....

  • sabastious

    Sir I have spotted 144,000 war chariots and one man on a horse with a sword coming out of his mouth charging this way!

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  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    God exits, he put his arm around me, his eyes with such love and sorrow....silently we walked together for a short while. Then our paths crossed and I would never see him again.

  • bigmac

    i'm very fortunate --i dont believe in god. this means the watchtower cult--or any other religion--is just meaningless nonsense to me.

  • humbled

    I'm glad read this old thread, Punky. I wasn't online at that time.

    I love not only the topic but the tone, the temper of the discussion.

    I still miss Tammy's voice if not her voices. A fine line that--maybe our ways of expressing and receiving spiritual concepts are too fraught with the problems peculiar to language itself for us be anything but firm AND kind in discussions of G-O-D.

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  • punkofnice

    Just looking back at this old thread, I realise now I cannot believe in a so called being that provides no obvious evidence of it's existance.

    It seems that mankind has invented their own gods in their own image.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    I've read that you're lucky if you get out of the WT with any faith intact. When i quit the meetings and the memorial and the conventions and the "friends," I was just sick of hearing anything about religion or the bible. But I thought after some time went by that I would want to find a mainstream church and get back into a spiritual routine, and just start over.

    Well soon it was evident how totally sick i was of religion and churches. I attended two church programs and though the live orchestra was enjoyable, when the preacher started in with the scriptures I couldn't stand it. I've given up the notion of finding a church that I would want to get up for on Sunday mornings. I don't think any organized religion can possibly be any different from another. It's that fight to keep money coming in so they can stay organized - sickening somehow.

    Now I don't know what my opinion is about God's existence. My favorite thing is not to think about it at all!


  • punkofnice
    IOML - Now I don't know what my opinion is about God's existence. My favorite thing is not to think about it at all!

    That pretty much sums me up too. If there is a god it's obvious he hates me.

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