God exists? God doesn't? God is a different concept? Convince me!

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  • punkofnice

    designs - That's why JW's ask questions - Thems as ask the questions controls the conversation! (Sorry, I'm being 'cockney' today).

  • designs

    Its hump day, Wednesday, and the coffee's good

  • mouthy

    No one can explain GOD!!! I am the old brod on this site. So no one really cares what the hell SHE thinks
    Probably has demntia... BUT!!!!! I honestly cant understand why folks think all the beautiful creations,just
    came to be....Ive said it again, birds ,flowers, animals.babies, etc"All truly breathtaking,
    Yes I wonder why the Creator isnt stepping in to stop the wickedness that truly exists.I yell at him
    nearly every time,when I see such violence.But I DO BELIEVE A BEING Created!!!!I dont believe
    ALL scripture,( I know MEN like to give their opinions)I believe most men did that in scripture.

    But reading the RED!!! Which is attibuted to Jesus Christ. I PREFER!!!! To believe HIM>>>Sharp stones
    are not very kind ,,,round smoothe ones expected. Start pitching NOW!!!!!

  • punkofnice

    designs - Oh, coffee, you just reminded me....back in a jiff

    mouthy - I respect your view and uphold your right to maintain it. Possibly because I was raised in the bOrg is why a UK Baptist church has suited me fine. THAT is my current preference.....but God! Hmmmmmm?!??!?!?!

  • Knowsnothing

    Only you can convince yourself. You must reconcile your world view and see if and where God could fit.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    creating a baby isn't all that difficult. it's actually quite fun. it's until later when it really becomes tough.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I can say for myself that if God wants me to know that he is there and what to do about it, he can tell me himself in a way that makes it clear that it is him telling me. Until then, I must continue on as if he isn't there.

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Hi punkofnice. You've left the Watchtower, nobody can prove anything to you/tell you what to believe anymore. All I can do is share with you my viewpoint. The way that I see it, there are many reasons to believe in creation, such as our bodies that can enjoy life in ways that seem unnecessary for survival, or are inefficient in terms of merely surviving to pass on our genes. Also, as you hinted at, if we can't build a house without planning/organising, how can complex living beings have come about by chance, without an intelligient force to guide them into existence? On the other hand, scientific evidence exists for evolution, in parts if not the whole process, and one thing that always bothered me is why a God would have invented viruses/cancers etc that would kill people/animals in various nasty ways? Between seeing no evidence that there is a God that STILL cares about us, not seeing any evidence for believing we have evolved in a way that doesn't need a guiding hand in a sense, and seeing what I feel is evidence that spirits exist (not going into this, but it involves people I have known being given info they could not have possibly known involving specific things), I have come to my current stance on everything:agnosticism whilst hoping that there is a God/being who cares.. I believe that there are/have been intelligient guiding forces in the universe of some kind, and I see our bodies as a gift that can lead to happiness and joy we could never deserve. But there is no reason to believe, IMHO, based on evidence, that the Biblical God or a God who loves us exists. I wish that this wasn't so, I have nothing to gain from this view.. This is what it comes down to, for me- A loving God would want the WHOLE world to know what is happening on the earth, what has happened, and why, and even if temporary suffering is necessary for some reason (best-case scenario I can think of), he/she/it would give us hope that it would end (think of a child of yours going into surgery). That's without going into various issues such as God not replying to prayers/not helping people etc.. The only religious text that has been distributed worldwide, as far as I'm aware, is the Bible. So, ask yourself... Do you believe in the Bible as wholly unaltered, inspired by God, inerrant and trustworthy? If not, would a loving God leave us to suffer on a planet that is like a big rotating death-trap with the best hope being that we live to over 100 before dying in our sleep, without a hope based on some evidence? The only remaining theist option I can see is that this life is just a test, we can't know what's going on and we're not expected to, but then why are some people's tests shorter and/or easier than others? And why even believe that? I'm sure this hasn't helped..

  • tec

    You're getting lots of opinions, which you'll have to think about for yourself, as PSac said. So I'll just offer my own thoughts, instead of repeating his words.

    God exists. Not the god that most people claim Him to be. You know, the god that loves what they love, and hates what they hate?

    I believe in the God that Christ showed His Father to be.

    I believe in everything Christ said and taught, through word and deed. I believe in the things He believes in as well - namely, His Father in heaven. Basically, because I believe in Christ, I believe in God - the God He taught us about.

    As for a generic kind of creator (if you have to believe in a creator first, before you decide on what creator to believe in), I think the very fact that we believe in the spiritual (every culture everywhere has believed in a god/gods/spirits) is very compelling evidence of a spiritual realm/creator. We seek it out. We seem to crave it, or at least recognize that something else is there. Why - if we were purely physical creatures - would we have evolved a need for something/someone that doesn't even exist?

    You asked for brief, so I'm going to leave it at that ;)



    Oh, one more thing (perhaps even the most important thing). You can ask God for help. 'Can you give me the faith to know you? To know the truth? I would really like to know, thanks.' Then, as Christ said 'keep asking, keep knocking... and the door WILL be opened to you.'

  • sabastious
    God exists. Not the god that most people claim Him to be. You know, the god that loves what they love, and hates what they hate?

    This is for Punk and Tec,

    One thing I did like about the NWT is it's translation of God declaring himself to Moses as a burning bush. "I shall prove to be what I shall prove to be." He didn't state his name or his purpose he simply declared his infinite capabilities much like a gene in a lamp. God is different for every person and that doesn't mean that God doesn't exist it just could mean that he is unfathomably versatile. I think of God as a personal friend that is transparent to my other relationships. The fact that God adapts to the person is evidence, to me, of his want, and will, to work with our instincts, even if they are ultimately our shortcomings, rather than against them. It seems reasonable, to me, to believe that it's not impossible for God to be subject to some sort of ruleset(s).

    Of course if he truely could be anything than it should be said that no ruleset would apply to God. Because of that I would effectively call that Bible verse, however enlightening, still an exercise in hyperbole. I think the burning bush account in Exodus is reflectant of God's power in relation to us. Maybe a similar comparison would be a single-celled organism compared to a 100-trillion-celled human being.

    I believe that God is omnipresent within the minds of ALL humans on earth. I also think it's important to not be scared of the concept of a creator as it might hinder his connection with you if he exists.


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