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  • steve2
    The only reason wedding anniversaries are allowed is because they tried but couldn't really find any Bible texts to take out of context...

    Well, that doesn't wash it with me. The very same arguments they adduce to condemn birthdays virtually all apply to wedding anniversaries which are simply 'birthdays' of the day the couple married. How simply worldly and not a hint of the slippery slope of glorifying not just one person (as with a birthday - unless you're a twin) but two! And I presume no first century Christians observed wedding anniversaries. Tut tut. Double standard.

    I'm inclined to think that, before they'd even considered whether wedding anniversaries were 'appropriate' for 'Christians' the fad took off in kingdom halls around the world and the gverning body would have realized they'd have a job on their hands retrospectively frowning upon anniversaries. Little wonder that, deprived of every other normal reason for celebrating, the average JW goes completely head over heels when there's the prospect of attending or throwing a wedding anniversary. There are too many tales of drunkeness and partying to ignore. I kind of wish the governing body regrets not comnig down hard and fast against wedding anniversaries years ago. The cat's out of the bag and the hypocrisy prowls the corridors of worldly influence.

  • man oh man
    man oh man

    That will never happen!!! Might as well teach hellfire. Burn baby Burn

    As far as anniversaries for married couples, well my wife is always sending out cards and sometimes I get the feeling from some that they think this is wrong? Can't say for sure no one has ever said anything but I have just gotten that feeling from them.

  • outsmartthesystem

    I didn't see this posted earlier so sorry if I am repeating something. JWs say that Jesus attended a wedding feast....therefore it is reasonable that celebrating the anniversary of one's wedding would be something to be proud of. After all, Jehovah instituted the marriage arrangement.

    Yet strangely....and using the same exact reasoning point.......Jehovah also gave the command to be fruitful and become many and fill the earth......thus filling the earth with billions of birthdays that are somehow to be viewed with disdain? Children are an inheritance from God yet we are to demonize the day of their existence?

    Moreover, witnesses all celebrate and attend baby showers, no? Is a baby shower not the celebration of the birth of a child? Perhaps the child hasn't arrived yet....but isn't the celebration still geared toward the happiness of a new birth? So in all honesty, it isn't the birth of a child that witnesses abhor....but rather the anniversary of the birth of a child? Again....does God really expect us to love our children with all our hearts yet somehow rue the day of their very birth?

  • WontLeave

    It's obvious the Watchtower grasped at straws to ban birthdays. "On the 2 birthdays mentioned in the Bible, bad things happened." That's it? That's all you've got? The 2 fat men mentioned in the Bible (Eli and Eglon) were killed; one by God and one for God. Why does Scripture mention them being fat, if not to make a point about it? Can't ban obesity, because a lot of poor, trashy, stupid people are fat. Look around Wal-Mart and you'll see the same quality people as the average Kingdom Hall. Look around the ghetto, barrio, and trailer park and you'll see a lot of fat people; especially the women. This is where more and more JWs are coming from. Everybody knows the preaching would cease if it wasn't for JW women. "The army of large women", or something like that.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    We celebrated our birthdays in preschool and school where they were no snoopy witnesses. My mom put on a whole party, with sparklers, party hats, cup cakes with candles. We sang Happy Birthday. I thought we were the only one. She even baked a treat for my classmates on my birthday,

    Life became very hard when my 7th junior high school homeroom snoop de noop confronted me about my plains to see all my friends in the orchestra and band perform the same night as ministerial school. She cornered me and said,........., what is more important to you, life everlasting or your worldly friends? I did not hestitate a second and answered, "my worldly friends." The ministerial school will still be there next week. Then, I made something up abut the orchestra teacher asking me to turn music sheets.

  • steve2
    JWs say that Jesus attended a wedding feast....therefore it is reasonable that celebrating the anniversary of one's wedding would be something to be proud of. After all, Jehovah instituted the marriage arrangement.

    Still doesn't wash it for me. The wise men offered Christ gifts following his birth but the JWs don't acknowledge that to give the okay to celebrating birthdays. To attend something when it happens or do something when it happens is not the same as thereafter celebrating it.

    Besides, to use their religiously rigid logic, first century Christians didn't celebrate wedding anniversaries, it originated among worldly peoples, it draws attention and 'glory' to humans and not to God and 'Christians' don't need a special day to express their appreciation for others. Wedding anniversaries are simply 'birthdays' of marriages, by anby other name.

  • SouthCentral

    When my 20 YO son turned 3, I wrote the society and asked them this quastion. They referenced me to an upcoming article that spoke of how MATURE christians would not celebrate birthdays. In my letter I referenced Job's children and the angels that celebrated Jesus' birthday. It seemed like a conscience matter, just don't tell anyone (kinda like college)

  • Lozhasleft

    I remember taking issue with why anniversaries were allowed but not birthdays...I really pushed for answers...the one that stopped me in the end was that the wedding/marriage was a holy arrangement and only superceded by our relationship with Jah. Because it orginated with god it was ok to celebrate it.

    Right. Tragically its all the other traditions that bond a family with memories, and they're banned, the society replaces them with meetings and ministry and loyalty to the GB. Sad.

    Loz x

  • steve2
    the one that stopped me in the end was that the wedding/marriage was a holy arrangement and only superceded by our relationship with Jah.

    Again, they fall down by their own reasoning. To say something is a holy arrangement is not the same as saying 'therefore it can be commemorated each year'. If our relationship with Jah is the most high holy arrangement, then why not have anniversaries of your baptism? Every single reason they give for 'allowing' wedding anniversaries ends up as special pleading, unable to withstand the rigid reasoning they apply to criticizing celebrating birthdays.

  • sir82

    Hasn't that unnamed "spanish forum for ex-jws" been spectacularly wrong before?

    I seem to recall posts stating that forum predicted radical changes to the DF procedure, elimination of COs, all kinds of sensational claptrap that never came close to being true.

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