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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    And if they did...

    would they un disfellowship their previous victims of hate crime?

    me think not.


    ps...i wonder at times if rumors like this are started by the WT to gauge r&f reactions?

  • wasblind

    I'm with SWB (Sweets),

    six posts in eight years ? scince your not aware

    this site don't function on rumors

  • TotallyADD

    Sorry dozy birthdays are also for 50's something people who have left the JW cult. Especially those who never got to have a birthday party. Totally ADD

  • Jim_TX
    oh no... first birthdays... ... The watchtower bible and tract society will be the atheist satanist society in no time....

    ...and that will make their acronym... ASS

    I like it.


    Jim TX

  • punkofnice
    Bible trained conscience

    In other words the watchtower indoctrinated rule (Bible trained conscience), means you still can't. I'll believe it when I see it.................I won't hold my breath! It'd be quicker to 'wait on Jehovah' infinity and beyond!

    Is this just the nicey nice public version of a dublication? Like the July 09 Asleep! lie about not having to choose between religion & family??

  • wasblind

    The JW's still drop off mags to me, but they made sure they didn't give me the JULY 09 back then

    because of my indepth study and participation in this religion even though not baptised, they knew I would probably

    ask them about it, but thanks to this site I got to see it,

  • darthfader

    Woo hoo... let the beheadings begin!

    I'll wait to see it in the WT or some other official literature before I get any hopes up.

  • shopaholic

    I highly doubt it. Too much of an attrition risk and too much overhead for the org...

    JW's are so deprived of a normal life that they will:

    1. Go overboard with it. There will need to be countless articles on how to properly celebrate your birthday.

    2. Bombard headquarters, COs, DOs and elders with questions about every little detail. "Is this okay?" "Is that allowed?"

    3. Quickly have their eyes opened and leave. Its the strict and ridiculous rules that keep most folks with the religion.

    If they do adopt bdays, I'm sure they will provide a song for JWs to sing.

  • Ding

    If it happens, I wonder how older ones raised as JWs will feel...

    ... the ones who were always left out while all their "worldly" peers engaged in harmless comaraderie with cards, song, and treats...

    ... now to find out that the ostracism they felt wasn't persecution by the world for following Jehovah...

    ... but needless emotional pain inflicted by a group of controlling men who twisted the Bible in order to keep them subservient to them...

    ... to be sure, not a big deal compared to those who lost their lives because of legalistic blood or transplant rules imposed by those men...

    ... but needless pain nonetheless, imposed by fallible men who demanded their unquestioning loyalty and obedience...

    ... who still demand that they give up their childhood, their dreams, and their futures in order to serve those men's perversion of Christianity...

  • leavingwt

    Great! Now they can celebrate Jesus' birthday, like everyone else!

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