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  • Quarterback

    Thanks for finding the ref. Sayswho.

    I do remember a CO commenting that no disfellowshipping would occur for celebration of birthdays.

    Interestingly, the ref. in the WT says you could, and then it says there is no good reason to celebrate Birthdays.

    They must have found a good reason ....can't wait to see wait that new light is?

  • Sayswho

    In refering back to the article in the w98 10/15 30-31; the watchtower a few months later in the w98 12/15 30 under "Do You Remember" Asked...

    Why do Christians celebrate wedding anniversaries but not birthdays?
    The Bible does not put marriage in a bad light. It is entirely a private matter whether Christians choose to take note of a wedding anniversary, reflecting on the joyfulness of that event and on their resolve to work for success as a couple. However, the only birthday celebrations of Biblical record are those of pagans, and such were linked to instances of cruelty.—10/15, pages 30, 31.

    I find ths question quite it states "CHRISTIANS' do not celebrations birthdays! Really? or is it rather for the most part a teaching of JWs? I have found that most Christians today celebrate birthdays...


    Your welcome 'QB'

  • Gayle

    At Bethel, in the 70s,,custom was to celebrate their Bethel anniversary at their lunch time. Many would invite a small group to their room for a "drink," just before lunch,,then go down for lunch. The Bethelite would provide ice cream and all the trimmings to be served to their immediate table.

    It is terrible how they demonize the birth of child and the celebration of this life. It is a big event and accomplishment to celebrate in all good spirit. Fortunately, no one has rights to "kill" someone that day, like pagan rulers did way back. (So absurd to bring that circumstance to ban the whole event for everyone) Although they could pretty much kill anyone they wanted any way any time of the year according to such history.

  • sabastious
    Meh. I highly doubt that rumor is true, it's too risque.

    The fact that birthday parties are considered "risque" in the Watchtower world is actually pretty funny.


  • dmouse

    It's very difficult for JWs to explain why they can't celebrate birthdays - as the bible doesn't say you shouldn't. There is no scripture that forbids birthdays - so it can ONLY be a conscience matter!

  • bnybyt

    I read the message at too, but I'm thinking that the new articles will rather deal with the fact that minor parts of birthday celebrations are ok.

    for example:

    Frosting by itself is ok.

    burning candles and blowing them out is ok.

    spongy cake is ok as long as it's twinky shaped.

    large portion spongy cake from round, rectangle or square pans not ok especially if cut in wedges.

    It's ok to write the word Happy but that's it.

    Whole birthday cake partaking is still a matter of conscience as it's always been but means the person consuming it is publicly declaring their disassociation from membership in the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses in Bulgaria.


  • wasblind

    LOL @ bybnt :)

    birthday by fractions ;)

    a li'l dab i'l do ya ;))

  • steve2

    This thread is purely based on a rumor from another ex-JW forum.... and like Chinese whispers has grown from there. Pathetic.

    Sorry, folks, but I wouldn't blink if the Watchtower claimed to have 'special' knowledge of what apostates were about to announce anymore than the other way around.

  • Alfred

    Yeah, that will never happen... Allow me to add some perspective... Let's say a JW family of 4 spends an average of $50 each per birthday gift (just for the other 3 members of the family... no one else)... That's $150 each per year for a total of $450 per year. Based on an active membership of 7 million (and assuming an average family of 4), that's $787,500,000 per year in birthday gifts. Need I say more? I seriously doubt the WT is even remotely interested in making this a personal conscience decision. The only reason wedding anniversaries are allowed is because they tried but couldn't really find any Bible texts to take out of context...

  • Alfred

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