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  • J.R.R.Watchtower

    Hi there. I've just read at a spanish forum for ex-jw that the WT has cooked a new light article series about social celebrations, including birthdays and aniversaries. According to a member of this forum 'in short' the WT will let witnesses to decide by 'their Bible trained conscience' either they celebrate birthdays or not. What do you think? Is this rumor based in some real facts or it's just bullshit?

    Thanks for your comments.

  • designs

    Maybe the Wt. Leaders are finally recognizing what many of us JW parents did all those years when we celebrated our childrens birthdays in private.

  • mummatron

    If it IS real then it's probably spin doctor tactics disguised as 'new light' to get more (and keep existing) members.

  • Gayle

    guess I'd have to read that from the WT or actually hear directly from a CO or higher. Sometimes for their trickery or "war strategy" they will double talk, that things like blood transfusions etc are up to your conscience, but if you deliberately did without sorrow,,you will be announced to cong, that one "is no longer a JW" and therefore the cong, is instructed to not even greet the person ever again.

  • wearewatchingyouman

    oh no... first birthdays... we all know where those idolotrous birthday celebrations lead... crack smoking, orgies and demonic spiritism... The watchtower bible and tract society will be the atheist satanist society in no time.... child sacrifices and all...

  • Kudra

    Woo hoo. Call me Salome! I'll be strippin' and cutting the heads off of dudes before you can blink twice!

  • GLTirebiter

    'in short' the WT will let witnesses to decide by 'their Bible trained conscience'

    Translation from loaded language: You know what your conscience is supposed to say about this, so if you don't do that, you're doomed!

  • wizardca

    hahahahaha we didn't say you couldn't celebrate your birthday, but the ones in the bible baaaaaad things happened so we should use our bible-based conscience to decide if we should do such things. aka it's up to you but we all know that it's JW speak for NO PARTY FOR YOU! LOL

  • Quarterback

    Yes, Birthdays will become a conscience thing, but it is not to interfere with Family Worship night.

    It is not to have candles buring in a cake for that is really Pagon.

    It cannot encourage the singing of the Happy Birthday song, since that originated with Pipe Smokin Bing Crosby, who was a known drunk.

  • moshe

    Maybe all that posting about "gotcha day" I have done on the Internet/Facebook finally paid off.

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