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  • TheListener

    Can someone provide the reference that was mentioned earlier from the WT 2000 Question from Readers on birthdays and anniversaries? I looked and didn't see any QFR that touched on that.

  • james_woods
    I'm calling BS on that. Birthdays are generally for children - the GB & the Bethel leaders are childless (with the occasional exception) so they really aren't affected by the banning.

    Well, not always for children - I bought myself a ZR-1 Corvette for my 55th birthday.

    But I also call BS on the WT changing their mind on birthdays - I have to see it in print, and would hardly be able to believe it then.

  • punkofnice

    That's all it is. It aint happening folks. This would be such a weird thing for them to get ' New Light TM' on that I can't believe it.

    Next: Blood transfusions are fact drink a pint with every meal. Black pudding all 'round!

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Apologies... it was a 98 WT QFR that discussed birthdays vs anniversaries. A 2000 WT said that we don't have to ascribe ancient meanings to customs that we celebrate today.

    Older thread discussing these articles:


    Nah..I very much doubt it..BUT..Would it matter if it where true?..

    The Book Study at a private home..The most important meeting you can go to..

    Gone..Nobody cares..

    The doctrine of "The generation of 1914 will not pass away"..

    Gone..Nobody Cares..

    If the WBT$ allows the celebration of Birthdays..

    Anyone who makes a big deal about it will be DF`d..

    Life goes on in WatchTarded World..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • Joker10

    JRR, exactly where did you read this from?

    If you are refering to the posting on, the poster on that site does not have anything to back up his claim. Whats more, he does not mention a source. All he says is that oversears are getting the talk (about wedding anniversaries and birthdays being a conscience matter) during their stay in Bible School, and eventually leting the new light out--thats if the brothers take it well, as a test.

    Birthday rumors are not new, and frankly I think he is just starting one.

  • wasblind

    Yep, rumor indeed, witnesses always quote "do this in remembrance of me " line

    to bring home the fact that jesus wanted people to "only" remember his death

    they fail to mention that the gift of life is so precious that he was born to give us

    a second chance at it. why not celebrate birthdays. why not celebrate life

  • MrFreeze

    Even as a JW I could never explain to the other kids why I couldnt celebrate.

  • J.R.R.Watchtower

    As i've stated this is A RUMOR, so I don't get the point to all the criticism on my own. I've just wanted to know (specially for those living in WT Land - USA) if this RUMOR (again!) is being spreaded through the congregations.

    Yes, I've read that from forum and the person who wrote that didn't give any evidence so, once again, THIS IS ONLY A RUMOR.

    Just wanted to know . NOTHING ELSE. So don't try to pull my leg.

    By the way, I post on the forum 5, 6 or the times I like .... if I want. What are you trying to say with that kind of statements? That I'm not trustful just because i've post a couple of times? ¬¬ If you don't understand what was my aim posting this then you should go out and breath fresh air, don't try to put bad intentions on others.

  • Paralipomenon

    Birthdays, all fun and games until someone loses a head.

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